Sunday, August 21, 2011

Picture Updates

Joci is such a fun age. It leaves me in awe to see how fast she is learning and see her bright little  imagination develop.

When Grandma Hays was here, they traced chalk silhouettes

Every day when we get home, Joci asks to "Play in the car." She has a blast pretending to drive and it gives me a few minutes to start dinner in peace. I always have to make sure to turn off headlights and close the trunk when she is done. :)

When your kid is stuck in a painful position, what do you do? Grab the camera!

On Pioneer Day, Joci made a corn husk doll at church to experience the kind of toys pioneer children would have played with.

Daddy shaving Joci with a plastic knife.

 Sweet Joci decided to pick flowers for me.

She pretty much picked my entire geranium plant. How sweet!

This kid loves to vacuum.

Grandma Zierke gave Joci this book called Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots? Not sure about the hiking boots, but you can see from the picture that they definitely wear snow boots!

We had her booster seat outside to clean it. Joci buckled herself in and walked around.

Joci and I made this cake last week - and she refuses to eat a bite of it. Maybe she is like me and doesn't care for white cake. Justin's happy enough to have the entire cake to himself.

A few more things about Joci...

She likes to identify shapes. Lately she's obsessed with pointing out triangles
She got 3 stitches last week
Calls any loud noise "scary"
She is now bothered by scary parts in movies and runs and hides until I fast forward them and tell her it's okay
Stopped liking bananas
She's a good eater and often eats more than me
She's going through a separation anxiety phase where she doesn't like going to bed or going to daycare
Everyday when we drive home from work/daycare, she asks if we can go to Grandma's and Grandpa's.


Beckie said...

She is soo stinkin cute-- I can see Porter doing so many of those things-- I love to watch how fast they learn! GEEZ- !!!

Jennie Smith said...

She is such a funny little babe!

Connie said...

Makes me miss her even more and more. See her in September.

Grandma Z

Melissa said...

She is a doll!

Miranda said...

Lara I know i am a social network ghost but I stumbled upon your latest family pics and love them! I need someone to take some family pics for me as I cant do my own!Would you mind e-mailing me the guys info! P.S. I admire your dedicaton to your blog great journal!


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