Monday, August 1, 2011

Why I Am Jealous of Pregnant Women

As my mother often reminds me, since we are officially adopting again I am expecting. I love that my mom uses that word. It feels a little weird, a little undeserved. But I love it.

It is a little hard though to be expecting but not be pregnant. There are some things that I miss out on...things I am jealous of.

I am jealous of pregnant women because...
...they can take weekly pictures of their growing baby bump
...strangers try to touch their belly
...everyone around them has a heightened sense of concern for them in everything they do
...their husbands go out of their way to buy them pickles and ice cream - or whatever else they need
...they get to have sonograms and ultrasounds

...barring any tragic health circumstances, they are guaranteed to walk out of the hospital with a baby
...they get to wear cute maternity clothes
...some of them get to benefit from those pregnancy hormones - thick, fast growing hair, the glow, etc.
...they get a break from their period for 9+ months
...they can get beautiful maternity photos

...they get lots of options about giving birth - doctors, midwives, epidurals, water births, etc.
...they have a due date
...they have water-breaking, labor, and birth stories
...they get to feel a baby kick and grow inside them

Photos are poached from my darling sister's blog without her permission. :)


UK Yankee said...

I hear ya...I suppose you could use the best ones to your benefit, like make Justin get you a milkshake in the middle of the night, or have random people massage your feet, and take lots of naps? Hey, we need to get those perks one way or the other!

Faye Hayes said...

These are wonderful things about pregnancy. I'm sorry you don't get to experience them. They do have there draw backs but I'm sure you don't care to hear them. Adoption has its wonderful stories to. Not as many but that day when you get that phone call that you have been chosen. Cant wait to hear your story about how your next little one gets to you. *HUG*

Maria said...

I love you tons Lara and I wish more than anything you could experience those things. I love how honest you are. Can't wait to hear the rest of the story...

Frahs Family said...

Which is exactly why I am so grateful each time I get pregnant. I was told for years I would have big trouble but had very little yet sooooooo many around me have massive trouble. I can't help but be grateful for each of mine, even when I am in pain and tired of it. You are one strong woman!

Ahora said...

It is all true, Lara, pregnancy is great, but don't forget it only lasts nine months. And afterwards, you get a baby for ever -just like with adoption. You are only missing a couple of months of your life, that are quickly forgotten as soon as you have your little one.

Anonymous said...

Does it matter how God chooses a parent for a baby? Evidently he has complete confidence that you and Justin are the right parents for adoption and this is truly a blessing, otherwise we would not have our Joci today. Love G.Z.

Melissa Giles said...

Pregnancy is a blessing and a miracle... I had to remind myself of that when I was uncomfortable. And even though my body is ugly and will never be the same.. I don't care I would do it all the again. Thanks for sharing your feelings all the time.. Because of you, I truly appreciated my experience instead of complaining like do many I know.
And in the end, we both get to experience the reward... Motherhood... Someone who needs you no matter how they got here. Loves.
Ps can't wait to see your next one!
Pss Andrew wants to meet you!

Groff Family said...

I LOVE what Justin's mom just said. That is a wonderful truth. And in my case, pregnancy doesn't always mean that you are guaranteed to take the baby home. In my case, more often than not, my baby didn't make it home on this Earth with me. So there are different ways to become a parent, and different worlds in which to be that parent.

Some children will have their mom's carry them to term and be their parent throughout this Earth. Others will have gestational hosts for 9 months as a birth mother, but will have a different and amazing adoptive mother to parent them in this world. And still others will not get to live 9 months in the womb, and will have many other "adoptive" parents on the other side of the veil to hold their hands until their mommies arrive to raise them there.

Like Connie said, God chooses many ways to make someone and parent. Some are certainly not as easy on the heart.

And you are weolcome to my photos any time! How kind of you to consider my maternity photos as beautiful.

Love you!


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