Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Why I Am NOT Jealous of Pregnant Women

I think it is totally okay to throw a pity party once in awhile. As long as it ends. :) And that's what my last post was about.

I just have to repost my childhood best friend Faye's comment here because it is so perfect. It's phrased with such grace and touches my heart. It acknowledges my pain without trying to "rationalize" or "fix" things. I have lots of people ask me how to talk to their emotionally fragile, infertile friends and family members. I guess I am posting this as a good example.

These are wonderful things about pregnancy. I'm sorry you don't get to experience them. They do have their drawbacks but I'm sure you don't care to hear them. Adoption has its wonderful stories to. Not as many but that day when you get that phone call that you have been chosen. Can't wait to hear your story about how your next little one gets to you. *HUG*


I wanted to make sure to be grateful for all the things I do have and to acknowledge some of the "blessings" of infertility and not having to be pregnant. Even though I would go through all these things a thousand times for a baby (and I know any mother would) they still suck and for now I can say "Neener, neener, neener!"

I am not jealous of...

...stretch marks
...plugged milk ducts
...changing shoe sizes
...permanently wider hips
...pimple-spotted skin
...incessant trips to the bathroom
...not being able to sleep on my stomach
...feeling frumpy risks like gestational diabetes and risky, horrible deliveries
...pushy relatives who insist on being in the delivery room
...a heightened sense of smell making everything stink

I know that I miss out on a lot of cool things with pregnancy. It makes me sad and some days are harder to cope with than others. But I do know that pregnancy isn't a destination for me, motherhood is and the fact that I get to experience that is what really matters. I know that I have MOUNDS of other amazing blessings that others don't get to experience - a healthy body, a wonderful husband, a safe home, and so much more.

But still...every once in awhile, I can have a pity party. You're invited, too. :)


Anonymous said...

Well said - those feelings will always be there and that is okay to have your pity party every now and then. Justin is going through many of the same feelings I'm sure. Share each others' feelings and enjoy where it has led you two. Love Mom Z

Groff Family said...

Others to make note of include vaginal varicosity ( EWWWW!), postpardum depression, uncontrolled burts of pee like when you sneeze, laugh, or just stand up, never being able to eat canned chicken again, terrible maternity clothing that shows off your butt crack, a bunch of interns checking out your dilated nana in the delivery room, etc., etc.

Thanks for inviting me to your pity party, it's good to have one every once in a while!

Sierra Williams said...

yes, I have asked women who have babies many questions about pregnancy and birth and I have actually been told a few times that if i knew all the details that I would never want to get pregnant.

I've never had a baby but often times adoption sounds much more appealing... I wonder which way I will end up going?


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