Monday, September 5, 2011

Guest Blogger: John Hendricks

Lucky us! John Hendricks - the artist behind the "Good at Being Bad" song posted below and a fellow high school alumnus - is my guest blogger today.

LZ: What is the hardest thing about being a gang leader?

JH: The hardest thing about being a gang leader: spanking my gangsters when they do something bad.

LZ: What does the baby in your video mean? 

JH: What does the bible mean? for those that have understanding let them understand.

LZ: What are your musical inspirations? 

JH: They're always changing. I find inspiration in rhythmic concepts, melodic combinations, instrument usage, etc. It's always weird for me to hear people say "I listen to everything".

LZ: What clothing would you ban? 

JH: Pleated mens pants

LZ: What is the next step in your musical career? 

JH: Making jingles for a wet nurse company

LZ: What was the coolest part about being in Blue Man Group? 

JH: Thinking about all those people growing up who told me I was weird and now thinking "yeah, and I'm getting paid for it."

I'm so excited to see what John does next. Check out his wife's entertaining blog here. I've never met her in IRL but I really want to! She's my kind of girl!


Beckie said...

That 's hilarious- I didn't know he was in teh Blue Man Group- but I can totally see it!

topsy said...

this is pretty great. i love having a funny husband. and you're my kind of girl, too!


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