Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Imaginary Hand-Crafted Perfume

J.Lo has one.
And Britney Spears.
Now Jennifer Aniston.
Heck, even Justin Bieber.

When (that’s a big fat “when” not an “if”) I am famous you can bet I am going to market my own perfume. And this is what it will be.

Janela by Lara

(Pronounced “zha-ney-la”, janela is the Portuguese word for window and seriously the prettiest word I have ever heard.)

Fragrance family: Oriental woods

Top notes
Sweet water accord
Sugared lemon

Mid notes

Base notes
Creamy blonde woods
Sweet cedar
Tonka bean

And the bottle would be elegant, faceted, and maybe a little mystical. :)  Like this: 

Sparkling white florals with a citrus kiss embrace warm, sensual woods in a surprising melange of innocence and seduction.  

Janela...by Lara

What would your perfume be like?


Haylee said...

No clue what my fragrance would be but I want to buy yours! Get on that would you, so I can buy some?!

Jessica said...

Love it!


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