Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Letter from My Twelve-Year-Old Self

When I was twelve, my sister Stephanie suggested I write a letter to myself to open five years later. I suppose it was a cure for boredom on a random day.

I know I have read this letter before but I happened to stumble across it in the basement today. I will rewrite it - spellings, errors, everything. I apologize in advance to anyone this embarrasses or offends. I had a lot of attitude back then...

Dec. 20, 1993

Dear Lara,
I suppose I'm 17 years old and a junior at Hillcrest High School. Being twelve ain't no picnic. I love country music and Justin Heaton. My best friend is Maria Finch. Has Faye Earl moved to Shelley yet? Was it sad for me?

Am I still active in the Church? Did Jordan ever come back to the Church?

Have I gone on my first date yet? With who and did I ask him or did he ask you? How exciting. I've always wanted to be Justin's girlfriend. Did my dream come true over the past 5 years

Ashlee Pimentail is another of my friends. She's pretty cool but she tells Justin everything I say about him. Do you I remember that time Ashlee was talking to Justin & I hid under the table & he saw me & rolled his eyes? That was embarassing.

My favorite things are listening to cowboy country music, dreaming of Mr. Knight (Justin), drawing, writing notes & talking to Juliette - Maria - on the phone.

I want to be Miss Hillcrest someday. I hope my dream comes true. When I grow up I want to be a country vocalist or a farmer. Maybe a 4th grade teacher

I will now mention some prices.

Candy bars = 40 cents or 2 for 80 cents
Pop about 50 cents
corn dogs 65 cents
Paramount = $1.75
Center = $1.25
Cinema = $5.00
Rio = $5.00

Today I found out that Trina Earl is getting married to a guy named Shad. That's really exciting news for me.

Has Dad gotten his life long dream of retirement yet? Maybe now he's not such a grump.

I bet ya 10 bucks Stephanie ain't married yet. An old maid, really old made. If she does ever get married I hope she gets married to Joel Benson, John Taylor, Mike Diedidge or Kris Smith. Or Dave Poppleton. I hope he gets divorced.

Some things that I do are, embroidery, piano - although I hate practicing - singing, dancing, and acting mature. I hope to get married in the temple to a poor-in-money-but-rich-in-spirit, friends, & love-man. Then we'll honeymoon in Las Vegas and live in Texas, Nebraska, Georgia, or Idaho. What a great life. I would like to have about four - 4 - kids named, Harmony, Jill, Wade, and Kevin. Well see ya in five - 5 - more years.

Gotta go

Luv Lara

Pretty obnoxious. I am glad I've come such a long way since then. Stephanie - you were NEVER an old maid. Dave Poppleton, wherever you are, I hope you have a lovely, happy, successful marriage. Jeff, I am glad Stephanie married you. Dad, retirement has suited you well. :) Justin Heaton, you're a gem for putting up with my flirtatious actions for years. Harmony? Kevin? Really??? Justin my husband - I am glad that I finally got to be a "Justin's girlfriend" and fulfilled my dream of being married in the temple to a poor-in-money-but-rich-in-spirit, friends, & love - man. But let's work on that poor in money part now, okay? Haha.

And is a great life.


Ashley said...

Texas. Nebraska. Really. Really.

I wanted to name my daughter Aliska Bell.

Alicia said...

That made me laugh. Thanks. I was worried the whole time it would have some embarrassing truth about me. Phew! I'm glad you got your love-man.

MindySue said...

"I hope he gets divorced."

Ohhhhh, that made me laugh. I am just really really glad you didn't say anything about your red-headed next door neighbor. Whew!

Frederick Family said...

Ouch that was harsh. I love how you wished I would marry all of the guys I was dating at the time you wrote the letter. No worries, I felt like an old maid at 24 when all my friends were married with 1-2 kids and my engagement had just broken off. Now I laugh at myself for thinking I was an old maid at age 24. Funny how the older we get our perspective gets better.

So funny!!!

Rachel said...



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