Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Letter from Our Child's Birth Parents

A couple of weeks ago, I got this amazing letter Jocelyn's birth parents wrote to perspective birth parents who may consider choosing us to adopt a baby.

I have put it on our adoption blog, but I wanted to share it here. I am sure you can imagine how this makes me feel. I always worry about how Joci's birth parents are. I have always been very concerned about their emotional well-being and their satisfaction with our adoption. This letter helps put my mind at ease. Man, I love those people.

To whom it concerns,

Justin and Lara are excellent parents and we are very fortunate to have them as adoptive parents.
 I will admit that it was extremely hard for me at first, but they helped me get through the hardship of adoption. In the beginning I was unsure whether to have an open adoption or closed and I am so glad that they were understanding with my choice for open adoption. We receive pictures quite often along with letters about how Joci is growing and fun and exciting things that she is doing. It helps get through the toughtimes. 

We know that Justin and Lara are the right choice when choosing someone to raise and care for a child. If we choose to give another child up for adoption they would be the first people we would choose. They deserve to be parents and have changed Joci’s life for the best. We were not able to give her the life she deserves and be the parents that she needed. I, as a birth mom, do not regret choosing adoption because we found the perfect couple to adopt our beautiful baby girl. She will always be in our hearts but Justin and Lara our her real parents. They love her just as if she were their biological child. What more could any parents looking for adoptive parents ask for?

Sincerely, The Pfeiffer Family 

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topsy said...

i'm positive that makes you feel like gold. what a sweet letter.


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