Thursday, September 8, 2011

A New Diagnosis for Justin

Call me Dr. House.

About two weeks ago I read a health article that talked about identifying certain health conditions just by looking at your hands. I told Justin about the article and he examined his hands and saw that his pointer finger is longer than his ring finger - a sign of low testosterone. So we got on the Internet and looked up looked low testosterone. Justin has a staggering amount of symptoms.

Lucky us, we had our physicals already scheduled for our adoption home study. Justin had his testosterone levels checked last Thursday during our appointments.

We got the results back on Tuesday. Justin's testosterone levels are low. Severely low. Normal levels range from 450 to 1200. Justin's levels are at 180. Testosterone supplements will do a lot to help him feel immensely better. But...his levels are so low for a man of his age and the doctor wants to check to see if there is any kind of mass growing on his pituitary gland, which is the gland that regulates testosterone production.

First thing tomorrow, Justin is getting an MRI to check out his brain.


Ashley said...

lots of prayers and thoughts coming from our house towards yours. Let me know what we can do.

Liz Smith said...

lots of prayers heading your way from the midwest! hopefully it's just the medicine that he will need.

Frederick Family said...

I remember when Kris said she went for an MRI to look for more cancer. She said she hoped they wouldn't find anything on the MRI, well..... then she said, she did hope they would find a brain. So we are sending good luck to you that all they find on Justin's MRI is a brain :)

UK Yankee said...

Prayers coming at ya from here too - hope all is well soon!

Que and Brittany's Adoption Journal said...

Holy crap! I hope everything goes well. I can't believe you found out about it in the way that you did!!!

Alicia said...

Josh's cousin and his wife had all sorts of testing done for infertility (9 years of trying with no luck) and after getting his testosterone levels checked they did go on to test for a tumor and found one. Tumor was removed and voila, they got pregnant. This may or may not be a good thing to be telling you...but there you go.


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