Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Random Busy-ness

Lots has been going on and keeping me away from doing a proper blog post, but I feel like I should slap something on here.

Today, Justin and I ran all over the city to get all his paperwork signed, notarized and overnighted so he can get his clinical counseling certification. We made it with 17 minutes to spare!  And then Justin realized he missed sending a paper in the package. The deadline to receive stuff is tomorrow. The next time the licensure board meets is February. It would be highly frustrating if he couldn't get licensed (and get his raise) until then! The one paper he forgot to send doesn't need to be signed or notarized so he's hoping they will accept it via fax tomorrow.

At work I had to experiment with a reddish colored eye shadow with different applications. I had reddish eyeshadow smudged all over both my forearms and it wouldn't wash off. People looked at me strangely all day. Someone even asked me if I started dialysis.

Yesterday Joci pooped twice when she was supposed to be sleeping and hid her...um...fruits of her labor in a toy shopping cart car. She took off her pants and underwear to do this. Strange child.

My favorite new word of Joci's is "together." It's so sweet when she says, "C'mon. Do it together." Who can resist?

I discovered I am related to a Salem witch named Elizabeth Hutchinson Hart. This bit of knowledge is going to make my visit to Salem next month a lot more interesting and personal.

When planning my NYC trip, I checked times for the World Trade Center Memorial and the dates were wide open...until the tenth anniversary of the attacks. Overnight, all the tickets were gone. I was so upset and so was Justin. I kept checking back - for weeks. Someone had to cancel, right? I called and asked about standby lists. No. And finally...my diligence paid off. There were some cancellations and I got tickets.

I have less than a month to finish my second novel. I really need to get my shapely little behind in gear. It is definitely doable - if I don't procrastinate any more than I already have.

I am so sick of flies. I kill a dozen every day.

We started watching the CW show Ringer, mostly because I am in love with Buffy Sarah Michelle Gellar (total girl crush). Justin and I were giggling to see that a lot of it takes place in Rock Springs, Wyoming, which is where we met at the community college. We got a kick out of the character who is a professor at "Rock Springs Community College." FYI, doesn't exit. It's Western Wyoming Community College. Oh, and the fancy underground parking garage at the community college? Puh-lease. The college was barely bigger than my high school and the parking lot was smaller because more high school students drive than college students. Good try, though. We have enjoyed the small details like Wyoming flags in the background and the 307 area code. Also, the show is good. Super intriguing.

I have taken on the challenge of making Halloween costumes for myself and a coworker. Yowza! Actually, I think it will be fun. And since I have vowed not to make matching Christmas pajamas, it will fulfill my sewing credit for the year.

I was recently called to be a teacher in the Relief Society (my church's women's group). Sunday was my first time teaching. At the last minute, I realized I had prepared the wrong lesson and began my teaching experience by bawling like a baby. Only slightly embarrassing. Sigh.

My car is in need of numerous repairs. Barf. I guess it's good that I've paid the sucker off so I can afford some repairs. :)

I still cannot figure out the new Facebook layout. Driving me crazy.

Baby hunger is kicking in. Justin needs to finish his portion of the paperwork and then we'll be ready to submit our homestudy.

And the last bit of news? I'm tired. Going to bed right now. And I'm not even going to wash my face.


Debra said...

The sentence my daughter always uses to melt my husband is, "Daddy, I wonder, we play cars together?" It gets him every time.

I hope they accept that last piece of paper my fax!

I am sure your lesson was amazing, crying and all. I think is amazing and awesome that you are working on your second novel. What an inspiration you are.

Jessica said...

I love the randomness of your post...it makes me feel like I'm sitting at your desk just chatting away! I hope Justin's certification goes through! Crossing my fingers! And I watched Ringer last week (but missed the first part)...and I was also very intrigued. I'll have to try to follow that one this season. Good luck on the Halloween costumes...sounds intense! Miss you!

Jewls said...

Your trip sounds awesome! So brave of you to sew your halloween costume...we're lucky if we even have costumes!


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