Sunday, October 16, 2011

30 Things to Do in New York City

Next Friday, I will turn 30. I am proud of it,actually. I never want to be one of those women who are squeamish to tell their age. At least that is my philosophy now. And next Friday, I will also be in the Big Apple on the trip I won in July.

So to honor that, here are 30 things on my NYC to-do list:

  1. See a Broadway play
  2. Eat New York Cheesecake
  3. Go to Central Park
  4. See the Friends building
  5. Ride in a taxi 
  6. Eat a hot dog from a vendor
  7. Cross the Brooklyn Bridge
  8. Go to the Met
  9. See a cool, old cemetery
  10. See the naked cowboy
  11. Ice skate in Rockefeller Center
  12. Go to the Empire State Building
  13. Eat New York pizza
  14. Eat a falafel
  15. See the Statue of Liberty
  16. Eat at a unique, ethnic restaurant
  17. Get lost
  18. Pay my respects at Ground Zero/World Trade Center
  19. See Times Square at night
  20. Take a ferry ride
  21. Eat a bagel - preferably with lox
  22. Go shopping on 5th Avenue
  23. See the Manhattan LDS Temple
  24. See St. Paul's Chapel
  25. Eat an apple in the Big Apple (this was Justin's idea - I love it!) 
  26. See the Manhattan Skyline
  27. Have a romantic, fancy dinner date
  28. Sing NYC songs all the time - "New York State of Mind, "On Broadway," "Jennie from the Block," "Empire State of Mind," etc. 
  29. Eat a pastrami sandwich at a New York Deli
  30. Pick up an accent :)

I know about half of these have to do with food...but that's what I look forward to!


Ahora said...

I hope you have a fabulous time in my temporary hometown. Enjoy!

Jewls said...

jealous! I love NY! Hope you have a blast!! :)

Amy said...

LUCKY! So, how does Justin feel about seeying the naked cowboy?

Liz Smith said...

John's pizzeria in times square. so yummy. we always hit that place up whenever we're in NYC. Enjoy!!! It's such a fabulous city. :)

topsy said...

i'm confident you'll be able to do all that+more while you are there. (do the brooklyn bridge as the sun is going down. that way, you can get pizza for dinner in brooklyn and see the manhatten skyline on the way back over). beautiful!

have fun!

UK Yankee said...

Sounds like an awesome trip! Have a great time!!

Frederick Family said...

Did you get to do everything you wanted to?


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