Saturday, October 1, 2011

At Least Blogging is a Productive Form of Procrastination (and cute pictures of Joci)

Since Justin fell asleep early tonight, I told myself it would be a great opportunity to work on my novel. My own personal deadline is to have it ready for submission by my birthday. Which is in 20 days.

Instead...I am procrastinating. Not smart. But it's true. I am.

And at least blogging feels more productive than wasting time on and

But I am feeling really guilty. So I gotta do something in my book. But for now, here are some recent, fun pictures.

I went in to check on Joci while she was napping and I couldn't find her. I could hear her breathing and followed the noise to this. 

Joci's latest obsession is markers. Here she has put all the lids on her fingertips. 

Another crazy nap time. 

I was Skyping with my family and Joci disappeared for a moment, when she returned, she was applying mascara. So glad she didn't poke an eye out! Life has definitely become more interesting since she learned how to unscrew lids. 

So pretty! 

Painting! Also a new obsession

We had a tub of spreadable cream cheese in the fridge Joci loved. She'd call it her "bucket of cheese" and dig in with her fists. When she was feeling particularly generous, she'd share! 

I spent waaaaay too much on foam curlers at the store, but I knew my little girl would just look adorable with those little curls. Joci was so excited to have them in and sat still while I put them in. We blow dried them for a little while, which really freaked her out. She eventually pulled them all out and the curls vanished. Her hair doesn't hold curl like mine does. We will have to try again sometime with lots of gel. 


Natalie said...

Oh man, those pictures are HILARIOUS!!!Let's hope she perfects the art of mascara within the next ten to twelve years! HAHAHAH!

Rachel said...

Ah, yes. When you're supposed to be writing, suddenly everything needs to be cleaned or perez hilton becomes fascinating.

Joci is so adorable. Liam will crash nap like that too.

I will admit to feeling a little panicky when I saw those markers so close to the carpet.


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