Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fair Fun 2011

Man, we love the fair. We went twice this year. (I, personally, went three times.) The food. So artery-clogging delicious. The animals. So cute. The energy. So fun. 

Joci and cousin Haiden in a covered wagon

Grandma bought Joci two rides. Aunt Jen was kind enough to take Joci. Ride number one was the carousel. Joci thought she was in heaven, riding a horsey. 

For ride number two, Joci begged to go on the caterpillar roller coaster. We were nervous it would be too much, but we let her make her choice. She did not like it. She looked extremely nervous and for days afterward, she kept saying, "Caterpillar scary." She would say it at the most random times to random people. During night time prayers, "Caterpillar scary." Walking into day care and saying hello to the receptionist, "Caterpillar scary." Checking out at the grocery store, "Caterpillar scary."

Next time we went to the fair, Joci had a pony ride. I think erased all of the scary caterpillar memories. We thought she had a good time on the carousel horsey - this was seventh heaven. I had to keep reminding her to hold on with two hands because she was so excited she would wave her arms and almost fall off. I was so nervous, but she had a blast. She kept saying, "I ride a horsey. So FUN!" And still whenever anyone says the word "fun" she starts talking about the horsey ride being "so fun." 

Fun at the petting zoo.

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