Thursday, October 27, 2011

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jog

We got home last night from our New York/New England trip close to midnight. We made some really big memories and saw so many exciting things. Oh how I wish Max Brenner (the Chocolate Restaurant) were in Idaho Falls. Although my hips would be huge!

I was so excited to see my little girl. I snuggled her while she was fast asleep. This morning I went into her room, she was still sleeping but stirring. I touched her leg and said, "Hi, Joce." She popped up like she was on a spring - in a flash she was on two feet on her bed then jumped into my arms. She was just as excited to see her daddy.

Such a sweet reunion.

A few things worth sharing:

  • Of all the places I've been in the US (I will leave Europe and South America out of this one) Massachusetts drivers are the worst by a long shot. 
  • Shopping at a discount store in NYC is like Black Friday here. 
  • Many people were nicer than I expected.
  • People in the customer service industry were ruder than I expected.
  • The subways weren't as scary as I thought they might be.
  • I left a bag of souvenirs in my hotel room after checking out. They are long gone. :(
  • My parents are awesome.
  • I think I need to move to Concord, MA.
  • The Met is impressive but thanks to modern Hollywood movies, I kind of felt like I'd seen everything before. 

1 comment:

Jewls said...

Yay! I'm glad you had a fun trip! :) Can't wait to see pics!


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