Monday, October 3, 2011

Home Study Submitted

We submitted our home study today.

What happens next?

When our caseworker gets it in the mail, she will review all our answers to the questions, our medical tests, our FBI background checks, our references, our financial status, etc - all the info we had to gather.

The caseworker will basically write up a summary of our home study, come to our home and review it with us, ask us any questions regarding the answers we provided, look at our home to make sure we have space for a baby and a clean, safe environment.

And then with our caseworker's stamp of approval, we write a very big check and we are on the list.


Frederick Family said...

I think this should be the case of any person before they have sex. (The background check, health screening etc.) It's amazing how scrutinized you are to adopt a child but any Joe Blow can have sex, conceive a child and be the worst or best parents ever. Sometimes their is no logic to life. I'm glad you'll be on the list soon.

Rachel said...

Yeah. What Frederick Family said.

Liz Smith said...

so excited for you guys!


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