Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Introducing Justin, the LCPC

Once upon a time, Justin decided to become a counselor. He got his Bachelor's degree in psychology from University of Idaho and then got his Master's in mental health counseling at Idaho State University a few years later. Six months after graduating with his Master's degree, Justin took a license exam and became a licensed professional counselor (LPC). The next and last step for him in his career path was to get a clinical certification, which entailed two years of work as an LPC and 2000 supervised hours by someone with a clinical certification. So Justin did that. And then it was time for another exam. Justin took it in May...and failed. (Not a cheap test, either. And it was across the state, so that means gas money, hotel, and food money.)

Justin studied all summer - well, for the last couple weeks of summer :) - and retook the test on September 13. He passed!!! We were so excited. Justin was ready to apply for his LCPC. He needed to get all the signatures from his supervisors and proof of his 2000 hours all notarized, his application, etc. He started getting this together. On Monday Sept 26 at 3:13 pm, he realized the deadline for the application was the next day for board review. If he didn't get his application in on time, he would have to wait until February until the board met again.

So at 3:14, Justin called me to say that he just realized his application was due the next day and he wasn't sure how he could get it there in time. He works in Pocatello - an hour away from where we live and where I work. And since he sees clients all day, his job isn't as flexible as mine. Luckily his paperwork was in the Idaho Falls office just ten minutes away from where I work - and there was a notary on staff at that office. And as luck would have it, I have a post office in my building. So we made a plan. Justin would get on the horn with his boss and have him sign everything, then I would pick it up and overnight mail it to Boise. I popped into the mail room at work. Their last run was at 4:20. But the UPS office in town's last run was 5:30. I got a prepaid envelope and took off to Justin's office thinking I would be back before 4:20 to get it in the mail.

As I was driving to the Idaho Falls office, Justin called again. His boss pointed out that Justin forgot to sign something. So Justin cancelled his clients for the rest of the day and was headed back to Idaho Falls so he could sign the papers and be on his way. New plan. I would pick up the papers from his office and go to the UPS office and meet Justin there, Justin would sign the papers, and we would send them off.

Five minutes later, I got another call. Our plan won't work. Justin's boss needs to put the application in an envelope, seal it, and sign the back. So Justin needed to go to his work office and sign it there so his boss can sign it again. And then we could go to UPS.

And of course Justin's work office is across town from the UPS store. We started to panic.

Forty-five minutes later, we have everything signed and notarized. We booked it across town and make it to the UPS office at 5:02. Twenty-eight minutes to spare!

We had a lovely, relaxing evening.

The next day, Justin called me. "I messed up. I forgot to send my part of the application." I told Justin to call the bureau in Boise, turn on the charm, and see if he could fax his stuff in. Justin wasn't so sure, but decided to try. If not, he decided he could take off and drive to Boise and hand-deliver his stuff.

He called. The woman he talked to wasn't so hot on the fax idea. Especially since Justin forgot to send his money too and you can't really fax that.  :) So he said he would drive. The lady back-pedaled. Last time someone did that, they got in a wreck. So she said if he faxed everything then overnighted it, she would accept it. So Justin filled out his application, got it notarized, got a passport-type picture taken at Walgreens, wrote the check, and overnighted it to Boise.

Everything got in.

And then we had to wait to make sure the board accepted everything - that they approved of all signatures and that Justin had done enough.

Justin found out tonight that everything went through! Woohoo!!! He is officially an LCPC as of today! Way to go, babe. It's been a long time comin'!


UK Yankee said...

Way to go Justin!!

Jessica said...

That is quite an accomplishment, not only for Justin, but for you too! There's no way that I could have finished my master's without Eric...those other halves are pretty darn important! So way to go Justin and Lara!

Jewls said...

Woohoo! Congrats Justin! I'm glad you were able to get everything turned in...what a pain!

Rachel said...

Love the sexy LCPC pose. :) Congratulations!


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