Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Is Life Better as an Adult?

I was texting my old high school buddy Lucas today to wish him a happy birthday. He is turning 32 after all. And naturally, he had to remind me that I turn 30 in a week and a half.

Our brief dialogue brought back a bunch of old memories. Angsty teens hanging out in the graveyard. Mourning over our parents who just didn't get it. The boys/the girls that were out of our league. And yes, the good times too. Goofing off during play practice. Awesome dates. School trips.

Ah, teenagehood. The good, the bad, and the ugliness of it all.

I enjoyed my teenage years. I think. They were painful but they were also amazing. There are so many opportunities and fun activities that only happen when you're a teen. I loved that. I even reveled in the pain that accompanied growth and self-discovery (okay, so perhaps I was a bit emo). There were times though when I very literally wanted to die and never see another day. It was bad.

There was a time I thought 30 would be the end of my life. Heck, I figured 25 was ancient. Nothing cool happened after 21, right? I would have a few fun years of college, backpacking across Europe, becoming famous, and then I'd get married, have kids, be a boring soccer mom and life would not be worth living. That's how I thought it would all pan out.

Of course I thought that. Every adult told me how jealous they were of my age. What they wouldn't give to be a child again. No worries. So much fun. No stress. Being an adult was hard. Jobs. Bosses. Taxes. Divorce. Rebellious kids. Settling down. Selling out. Adulthood seemed to stink of unfulfilled potential.

I *really* wasn't looking forward to it.

And now that I am here? It is AWESOME!

Call me immature, but I really like being an adult. Life keeps getting better and better. I am sure typing this out will jinx it all, but there are some truly good things:
Staying up as late as I want
Going places I want
Better relationships with all my family members
Confidence like never before
Making money
Spending money however I want
Being taken seriously
Sex...oh wait, I already said that. :)
Never taking a math class again
And not using all that algebra and calculus teachers said I would. Seriously, in most professions you can go through life without solving for X. Teachers lie when they say you'll use math.

Angsty, emotional 15 year old Lara with the cute guy she liked that she never had the guts to ask out. 

Super awesome, confident 29 year old Lara who can spend $50 on fancy lamb tenderloin in Las Vegas if she wants to. 

What do you think? Is being an adult far awesomer than you expected? Or am I the only one?


Matthew said...

you're the only one.

Natalie said...

Hahah! Oh my gosh, being an adult is SOOOO much better. You couldn't pay me ANY amount of money to make me go back to my teenage years! They were AWFUL! *shudder* I am SO happy to be "all grown up" and not have all of those worries anymore! No worrying about boys...I have one for eternity! No worrying about zits...wait...that's a lie. ;) I still think it's so funny that you liked him! I had no idea!

Jennie said...

I have mixed feelings about this one. I loved HIgh School adn College and feel liek those were some of teh best years of my life. I miss those days and sometimes I wish I had done more before I settled down. Being an adult is fine and yeah you get a few more things you can do but it is also way hard, at least for me. I miss my old self, if I could get her back things might be different. :)

Jewls said...

Love it! I enjoyed being a teenager, but I wouldn't want to go back...life as an adult definitely rocks (I'm writing this while eating a giant bowl of ice cream...mom wouldn't have approved!) ;)

Maria said...

Kinda have to agree with Jennie- sure I absolutely LOVE being an adult- but I do miss the incredibly energized naiveness of those teenage years. You were one of my favorite parts of those years :) It would just be nice to be irresponsible again sometimes- I'm not saying I want to relive it- but it would be fun to revisit- and maybe make different decisions. I do wish I had done more before I settled down- it would have saved myself and others heartache.
I don't think I ever realized how unhappy you were- would you accept my apology for not being a better friend and being blind to your pain? I love you tons Lara and your a good reason for who I am today- thanks :)

topsy said...

AGREED. big time. i love that i don't have homework anymore. like i say that to john once a week. i love that i am free. i am confident. i am in love. etc. adulthood=better. better. better.

Doctor O said...

Well, at least I look better than I did as a teenager...

Rachel said...

I'm with you. I had fun growing up and I enjoyed high school, but I loove being an adult. I'm more attractive, smarter, more confident, and much more emotionally stable than I was as a teen. And so capable! I love knowing that I CAN DO HARD THINGS, and adulthood has given me that gift. And, yes, also, sex.

mom2jjk said...

I love being out of high school and all the teen stuff too but at the same time, I think I was a little unprepared for how hard adult life can be. I remember as a YW watching the married couples at church and thinking, they have it made! They accomplished the ultimate goal of temple marriage. It's clear sailing for them! Little did I know that it was really just the beginning! Being an adult is great but it is so hard sometimes! Making an eternal relationship work with 2 people from extremely different backgrounds is not always a walk in the park. But then you throw in the *sex* and love for your kids and spouse and you can do it another day. And the eat what you want when you want is a nice perk! :-)

Frederick Family said...

sorry can't comment not an adult yet.
I'm only 10 [almost]


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