Monday, October 17, 2011

Jocelyn is Two and a Half Today!

My little baby is officially two and a half today. She is such a delightful, funny, intelligent child. Practically every day I find myself saying how wonderful she is.

Here are a few things about her at 2 1/2.

  • She weighs 29.5 lbs
  • She just started “cursing”—she says “Oh gosh!” and “Darnit!” Very funny.
  • Train whistles terrify her.
  • She is scared of Beast on Beauty and the Beast, yet it remains one of her most requested movies.
  • She loves the movie Tangled. She knows all the character names. She insists on rocking out to the song during the credits. Every night when we tuck her in, she mimics the part where Mother Gothel kisses Rapunzel on top of the head and says, “I love you most.”
  • She checks on everyone and asks "Are you ok?" every few minutes.
  • She dislocated her elbow last week (nursemaid’s elbow).
  • Any time she accomplishes anything she says, “I make it!” Even if “I did it!” would be a more appropriate response.
  • She got stitches over the summer.
  • She is still a good eater—not too picky and loves fruits and vegetables.
  • Favorite foods right now are noodles, carrots, grapes, and apples.
  • Favorite toys are baby dolls, markers, paint, and her toy vanity.
  • She loves having her nails painted and says “Thank you” after I paint each nail.
  • She is very polite and says “Thank You” and “You’re Welcome” a lot. “Please” is a little more rare.
  • She loves to tell people—very loudly!—“Bye! See ya tomorrow!” Even strangers in public restrooms.
  • She is so cute when she plays with her dollies. I will overhear her chattering. She will ask if they need to go potty and say it’s time to change their bum. She will tell them not to cry, rock and shush them, and sing to them. So sweet.
  • She likes to “play” the ukulele for me and tells me to dance.
  • She can recognize numbers 1-9.
  • She can count to 12. She has had 1-10 mastered for a while. Eleven and twelve are new.
  • She is fascinated by any animal.
  • She seriously is the best kid ever!


Jessica said...

What a fun age! I especially love that she curses. Ha! The things they pick up! What a cute girl!

Stephanie May Anderson said...

That photo of your cute little Joci is priceless and amazing. I get to read all about her and I just wish we both still lived in IF so I could see her for reals!

Liz Smith said...

hahahaha! i love the black censor bar over her bum.

Natalie said...

HAHAHA! Oh my gosh, I love her! She sounds so cute and funny! Love the picture! BAHAHAHAH! Priceless. :)

Beckie said...

I love it!!! Now you need to tell me how to put the marks on the picturs- that is what I wanted for Porter's Pictures- like a butterfly or a blurb to cover his buns !!!

She is a doll!!

Que and Brittany's Adoption Journal said...

Hahaha what a cutie!

Anonymous said...

Boy do I ever love Joci's personality. She is a hoot and so independent. That's my girl! Grandma Z.

Frederick Family said...

Joci is so cute that is halarious.


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