Monday, October 24, 2011

What Would Your Accessories Be?

My ingenious, brilliant writer friend J.Clark Gardner made my likeness into a Lara Puppet - a make believe toy that will be the big thing this Christmas (order yours now!).

So here it is - the latest craze. Lara Puppets with Accessories!

Accessories include my blog, my baby, my cat Gabby, my holiday socks (did you know I wear holiday socks every single day - unless it is summer and i am in sandals), a People magazine, and orange panties (because of an essay I wrote about invisible, irrefutable power of skimpy panties worn under conservative work attire).

J.Clark came up with all of this without consulting me at all. I love it. So funny and pretty spot on.

If you were a toy, what would your accessories be?


Jessica said...

I'm dying! This is So J. Clark. I love that he was so spot on! My accessories would be my munchkin, a diet coke, running shoes, and a gardening shovel. Oh I miss you guys!

Rachel said...


Mine would be my boys, a mixing bowl, a book, dark eye circles, and lots of snacks.

Dying to hear about your trip!

Also, happy late 30th!


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