Thursday, November 10, 2011

Grammar Pet Peeves

A message to the world:

Anyways is not a word. Anyway is. (No "s" on the end.)

When a person dies via hanging, he or she hanged his or herself. Not hung. A picture is hung. A person is hanged.

Learn to use the subjunctive. When talking about wishes or scenarios that aren't true, you use "were" instead of "was". So, it should be If I were a rich man. Not If I was a rich man. It's kind of a lesser known grammatical rule, but it drives me BONKERS.

That is all for today.


Liz Smith said...

i say anyways all the time and i am not ashamed. it's just something i say, and when i blog, i could care less about grammar since it's essentially a journal, not a paper im going to have graded. go ahead, judge me. :P

Jamie Boyd said...

I'm wondering why the "hanged" situation comes up in your normal conversations often enough to annoy you...


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