Monday, November 14, 2011

Heavy Conversations with My Daughter

This was the conversation I had with Joci today after daycare - since she can kind of have a conversation now. Kind of. So this discussion happened in the car after I picked her up for daycare on the way to McDonald's and then to buy toys for our Operation Christmas Child gift box.

Me: Joci, we are going to go get something to eat, then go shopping for toys!

Joci: Shopping for toys! Yay!

Me: Do you want chicken nuggets or a cheeseburger?

Joci: Chicken nuggets!

Me: So, Joci, we have a holiday coming up called Christmas. It is about giving.

Joci: Christmas.

Me: That means some people will probably give you toys. Right now we are going to pick out toys to give to someone else because giving is nice.

Joci: Toys!

Me: Yes, we are going to buy toys to give to a friend.

Joci: Friends!

Me: Yes. Who are your friends?

Joci: I don't know.

Me: Do you have friends?

Joci: Yes.

Me. Who are your friends? Andrea?

Joci: No. No Drea.

Me: I think some of your friends are Cole, DJ, Aliyah, and Garrett.

Joci: Okay.

Me: Joci, do you know that you were adopted?

Joci: Yeah. I dotted.

Me: Yes, you were adopted. Do you know what that means?

Joci: I dotted.

Me: It means that you have another mommy, Heather. She is your tummy mommy.

Joci: Heather tummy mommy.

Me: Yep. And then I got to be your mommy!

Joci: My mommy!

Me: Yes. I will always be your mommy. I want you to know that.

Joci: One, two, free, four, fife, sux, seben, eet, nine, ten, leben, eet, nine, ten, leben, tawelve

Me: You have lots of people who love you.

Joci. Say one, Mommy.

Me: One

Joci: Say two, Mommy

Me: Two

Joci: I want chicken nuggets!

Not sure how the concepts of Christmas and adoption will stick, but, hey, at least we are talking about it!

Diva fairy princess musketeer. She is so awesome. 


Mom on the Go said...

Love it!

Ahora said...

Adorable! Jocie rocks!

Frederick Family said...

Too much information at one time? Chicken nuggets, Christmas, presents, 2 mommies. She has everything she needs and is just plain hungry. That was uppermost on her mind. Sooo cute and heartfelt.

I'm on Steph's computer and it wont let me sign my name. But Love Mom H.

Jennie Smith said...

Too cute! Joci is such a character!


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