Monday, November 28, 2011

It's a Dinosaur! Rawr!

Tonight, Joci went number two in her little toddler potty. As I dumped it into the toilet to flush it down, Joci looked at it with great interest - she doesn't normally care about this part of it. But today, she looked at it and got all excited.

"Mom!" she proclaimed, "It's a dinosaur. Rawr!"

"Your poop?" I clarified.


Perhaps it had a vague resemblance to Littlefoot from Land Before Time.

I just about died laughing.


Meagan said...

That is awesome! Asher is totally into dinosaurs now. Ben grew out his beard and after watching "Dinosaur Train" Asher turned to Ben and said pointing to his beard, "It's pokey huh?" Ben, "Yes." Asher confidently replied, "It's for scaring off predators." Ha!

Emily said...

My little girl named all of her poop...

There was rock poop, jessie hair poop, green poop, corn poop, plus many many times...


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