Sunday, December 4, 2011

Family Holiday Fun

Time to catch up on some family fun for the past couple of months.

Joci painted a pumpkin that Grandma and Grandpa helped her pick out from the pumpkin patch. 

I never got a great picture of her costume. But she sure looked great. She was happy with her costume initially, then a few days before Halloween she would cry about it and say she wanted to be a princess. She even cried the morning of school Halloween (the 28th) when I put it on her. Once she got to daycare and saw that her best daycare friend had the same costume, she thought it was pretty neat. And when she realized she got candy when she put it, she was always willing. 

So Joci had trick-or-treating at daycare (and my job) on Friday. Saturday we had a church Halloween party with trick-or-treating. On Sunday, Joci was ready to go trick-or-treating again. She didn't understand why she couldn't go. Monday, she was excited to go real trick-or-treating for her first time. 

I figured Joci had enough candy for a 2 year old. I dressed her up and went to my brother's house so Joci could trick-or-treat from her cousins. That was the plan. Then we would come back home and hand out candy to the neighborhood children. Oh, she bawled and cried to go trick-or-treating. We waited for Daddy to come home and braved the wicked windy weather (nice alliteration, right?). I thought we'd do maybe three or four houses. We did probably fifteen. Joci just kept wanting to keep going. Such fun!  

My niece Afton had her first dance rehearsal. She clogged at the Festival of Trees. 

Joci was enthralled with the performance. But she cried and cried when Afton left the stage. 

Ice cream afterwards!

We spent Thanksgiving at my sister's house in Sandy, Utah. We had such a good time. I hardly ever saw Joci because she played with her cousins nonstop. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

The adult table. Stephanie, Jeff, Mason, Jonah, and Justin. 

Our meal was so fantastic. My sister is awesome. The guys all went shooting in the morning while Stephanie slaved over the stove (and I mostly watched).

The next day we all saw Arthur Christmas. Joci did pretty good in the theatre. 

Our final day in Utah, we went to Gardner Village to see the elves. 

I had to take a picture of this little candy shop because of my niece Afton. 

My cute family with the hot chocolate elf. 

Feeding the ducks

New best friends - Joci and Jessica. 

I wanted a picture of the girls in front of this cute elf cottage, but Joci wouldn't stop dancing to the Christmas music being blasted around. So here she is twirling in circles. It was the best I could do. 

And we finished with a delicious treat. 

We left straight from Gardner Village to drive home. We stopped at a restaurant and Joci was not happy about having to wake up for it. I have never seen her so tired. 

And today, we trimmed our Christmas tree. Joci loved it. 

And now I am finally caught up!

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Anonymous said...

Joci watched the cloggers in Cody while you and Justin were in the Park for your anniversary and just loved it. She would have been content all day long if she could have stayed with them. She danced out in the parking lot right along with them.


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