Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Fat Threshold

There is a certain number on the scale that leaves me feeling fat. It's not a nice, round predictable number like one may think. It is a random, very specific number. It has nothing to do with the number itself, but I have identified it as the point where I feel fat. Where my clothes feel snug. Where it is visually noticeable that my curves are acting up.

You would think the weight gain thing would be gradual. Most women fluctuate several pounds in day. Why would this one-pound threshold make such a difference? I have no clue. But it is very real. It is not gradual. It is just there - BAM!

I have crossed that threshold. I think my trip to NYC started my weight gain upswing but Halloween candy, Thanksgiving feasts, and Christmas treats haven't helped at all.

My muffin top was rearing its head today. So much in fact, that I dropped everything I was doing at work at 2:11 (with only approximately three hours to work) and went to Target where I bought a new outfit (in my defense, I have sorely needed new black pants for a very long time, so it wasn't a useless impulse buy).

This pastry's muffin top is just like mine - voluminous and extra lumpy.

I need to start feeling better about myself and my body. I need to enjoy my favorite foods of the season and not stress about losing weight (but use some self-control so I don't gain any either).

And then...I need to get on the other side of this threshold.


Ashley said...

187 is my magic fat number. I totally get it. I don't see dropping cash on an outfit that makes you feel good about how you look as anything other than an investment.

Stephanie May Anderson said...

I love everything you wrote in this post. I love your description of the muffin top rearing its ugly head. As you probably can guess, I have SO been there, I am SO there right now, and I SO feel your pain and you did what any normal woman would do- guy buy a new outfit. I do it all the time actually...well, not as much now that we feel broke all the time, but I've been know to do just that. It's comforting to know that other women go through the whole "I feel fat and huge" phase. Hang in there and enjoy the holidays!

Que and Brittany's Adoption Journal said...

Buying an outfit when my Fat Threshold occurs would make it worse because it would mean I would have to buy a larger size of pants. LOL I have the awful, genetic life-sentence of being pear-shaped. The holidays are not kind to pear-shaped people. :)

Meagan said...

This year has been disastrous for me in the weight department... but yes, you get to a point when it is just better to buy the clothes that fit you. Clothes that fit look better, you feel better and cuter, it's a good thing. Good job!

Jewls said...

What a great solution...I think I need to go buy some new jeans! After all, we still have many many months until swimsuit season! ;)


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