Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pocket Full of Christmas 2011

A quick recap of our Christmas holiday.

Trimming the tree. A few days after we put it up, a strand of lights went out. We had to take all the decorations off and replace the strand of lights, then put all the garland and ornaments back on. 

Joci loved making this year's gingerbread house. See my gingerbread tutorial here

Last year I bought this foam tree with foam stickers for Joci to decorate and I forgot to have her do it. She loved it this year - and probably had a lot more fun than she would have a year ago.

Our tree. We "flocked" it with snow in a can (I could not find real flocking anywhere) but since we had to remove all the decorations and then decorate it again, a lot of the "snow" flaked off. We were left with kind of a blue spruce look instead of a snow-white look, but it's still a nice effect. I love how our tree turned out!

We filled our ceiling with tinfoil stars. Wrap tinfoil around a straw. Remove the straw. Take 6-8 of the hollow tinfoil tubes, tie them with fishing line, spread out the tinfoil tubes and you get a very cool looking star. 

Our Christmas Eve live Nativity

My niece Afton was the narrator. She did amazingly well reading all the big words in the Bible. 

Joci as Mary laying Jesus in the manger.

These two cousins fought over EVERYTHING.

The Christmas angel

Crowns from Christmas crackers 

We tried out a new tradition this year - having a "birthday party" for Jesus. We had candles we sang happy birthday. Hopefully this will help the little kids understand what celebrating Christmas is about.

Opening one present on Christmas Eve.

Princess jammies!

Christmas morning eggnog in Mom and Dad's bed

Joci got a kitchen!

Ready to open presents! (Notice the new jammies - as soon as she opened them she had to put them on)

Fun hats from Grandma. Grandma even crocheted the blue one on Justin's head.

A riding horse from Grandma and Grandpa. As you can tell from that glowing expression on her face, Joci LOVES her new horsey. 

Another favorite gift - Joci's very own nail polish.  

Joci got several baby dolls. She particularly enjoys her twin babies. 


Liz Smith said...

i love the birthday party on christmas idea. so cute. glad you had a merry christmas! i can't believe it came and went so quickly.

Hays Family said...

Thanks for sharing your Christmas. I loved the nativity pics and twins and twin strollers. Wow. How do you have room for all the new toys? So fun to buy for little girls.


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