Saturday, December 17, 2011

Santa Has Gotta Be Diabetic by Now

I was thinking about all the cookies Santa eats. He has to be diabetic by now, right? And if that's the case, it's kind of rude to leave out cookies on Christmas Eve. Maybe we should be leaving out strips of beef jerky.

Remember Justin's recent diagnosis of hypogonadism? His treatment wasn't helping so we moved on from our family doctor to an endocrinologist. After a brief history, the doctor was immediately certain that Justin has an underlying problem causing all these problems: migraines, depression, anxiety, heartburn, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, constant fatigue, weight gain, inability to lose weight, and hypogonadism. One thing (in theory) explains it all - insulin resistance.

Justin underwent a 2 hour glucose tolerance test (super boring!) and Justin has started Metformin and a low carb diet.

Let me just say, it's a hard time of the year to be told you can't have carbs. No carbs means no fudge. No popcorn balls. No cookies. No almond roca. No cinnamon pumpkin bread.

It's gonna be rough.


Haylee said...

You should look into the book Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. It is life changing and could be very beneficial in helping your husband (and you even if you do it along with him) feel much better. My husband and first heard about it in April and followed the aggressive 6 week plan and then modified it to fit our lifestyle. Not only did my husband (and me too) lose a ton of weight but his high blood pressure and cholesterol problems completely went away and my depression improved drastically. I really think the power of our diets is underestimated in solving a lot of our other health problems.

Alicia said...

I don't have any great advice or anything because I have been partway down the road that Justin is starting, but I just wanted to give you a heads up that grieving for those favorite foods will last a while and reoccur many times (if he is like me at least). Help him be moderate because going extreme and staying extreme in cutting everything out can really be stressful during the holidays. Good luck!

Jessica said...

That does sound rough! But if possibile try to focus on the CAN rather than the CAN'T. It's hard, but finding those things that he enjoys (that are good for him) will least a little. For would be cheeseball and veggies...and diet soda...and turkey...and nuts...YUM! Having those on hand might help.

Good luck and Merry Christmas!

Stephanie May Anderson said...

That blows, seriously, no other way to describe having to eat low carb on Christmas! It's easy on other holidays but not around CHRISTMAS! Hang in there, I have done the low carb thing and it is rough. I hope he starts to feel better and resolve some of the side effects of Insulin Resistance.

Que and Brittany's Adoption Journal said...

That is so rough! Que has similar issues and the holidays are SO hard, especially with the no-sugar and bad carbs rules.

PS: I've always wondered if Santa would have to have his feet amputated someday.

Tamara ViAnn said...

My hubby's been doing no carbs as well! I can only take so much meat and veggies.


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