Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sponge Up the Nose

All week Joci has had really weepy eyes. I checked for symptoms of pink eye, fevers, congestion, etc. Nothing else. Just weepy eyes.

Last night (early this morning?) Joci woke up crying. So as I got up with her, I got a warm wash cloth to get all the dried gunk off her eyelashes. She sounded slightly stuffy, so I had her blow her nose.

Out came....

a bit of a sponge.


Hopefully that is all of it and her eye problems will go away. I hope there isn't more trapped further in her sinuses.

Again, ewwww.

Justin says she was just being resourceful and trying to stop runny noses. Haha.


Beckie said...

Makes my eyes water!! ick1

Frederick Family said...

She must be related to Julie. I think she toted a sponge in her nose for a while too.


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