Monday, January 16, 2012

Adoption Update: Profile Is Active

I realized I haven't given an adoption update in a little while. Last time I wrote about it, we were still waiting to get on the waiting list.

We officially got on the waiting list in early December. Getting our profile together has been slow going. The holidays fell upon us and time seemed to vanish. I did work on the copy though and hired a professional designer to design my profile. We did this last time too. It will end up looking like a short catalog. I love how they turn out. Totally worth a little extra cash - our agency uses our old one as an example all the time. Anyway, I got the copy to the designer and of course she was busy with holidays and with work and all. I haven't been rushing it though. Last time our profile wasn't even shown for six months so I figured it was okay not to rush it.

Last Friday I got a call from my caseworker Cara. "Where is your profile? I have someone I want to show it to." Oops. I talked with the designer and she got me an electronic file on Monday so I could email a PDF to Cara on Monday. I finally stopped dragging my feet and comparing my life to The Bachelor and got my online profile ready to go.

After lots of stressing, I chose to put this picture on our online profile because it is our favorite.  

Click here and scroll to the bottom. So pretty, right? :)

I still had some changes to my physical profile, so while the agency has a PDF, I still made a few revisions. Soon the designer will finalize those changes and I will get the profiles printed and sent off to the agency.

I've been giving pass along cards to anyone who will take them. I handed a bunch out at church yesterday. Do you want some? :)

Last week a high school friend messaged me on Facebook and asked if it was okay if she shared my information with her brother-in-law who is an adoption attorney. I said yes. Friday, I got a call from him and he explained how he facilitates adoptions. Sounds good! So he is going to share our info with the potential birth mothers he comes across as well.

So even though nothing has really happened, there has been some buzz in our home lately and we are excited.

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