Monday, January 23, 2012

How 'Bout a Post About My Cutie Patootie?

"How 'bout this one?" Joci says as she hands me a glass bottle of dill.

I take it from her, unscrew the lid, and pretend to shake it in the frying pan, standing so my body blocks Joci from seeing that I am not really adding the spice. I hand the dill back to her and she puts it back on the spice rack.

"How 'bout this one?" Her dexterous little hands pass me a bottle of nutmeg. I repeat my mime.

This is a pretty common scene when it's dinner time at my house. Joci loves nothing better than to help me. I will set her on the counter and give her little jobs--sometimes they are pertinent to what I am doing, and sometimes they just keep her occupied safely while I use a sharp knife or stir something boiling.

This winter has been largely snow-free. While it's been nice for driving, it has felt wrong. Today we finally got some snow. Such a pretty snow fall. Tiny sharp flakes that shimmered like cut crystal in the street lights as they fell from the sky, casting prismatic rainbows in the night.

Joci was thrilled. Since it was dark when we got home, I didn't want Joci playing outside. However, I did let her play in the garage where she played with the snow on the car. We made hand prints and giggled. We tasted it and giggled. We threw it and giggled.

We love this little outfit. Justin picked it out in New York City. Love the way that the tutu bounces when she walks with her little 2 year old swagger. 

Chocolate pudding for dessert.

After a few minutes of unsupervised painting I found this: a blank piece of paper and painted lips and hands. 

One of Joci's favorite Christmas presents was this set of Disney princess shoes from her grandparents. They come just about everywhere with us. She is pretty OCD about how they go back in their box. It's funny. I get in trouble all the time for putting the "Belles"  on the second shelf and the "Cindercrellas" on the first shelf when clearly it should be the other way around. 

Joci likes to copy Daddy when it comes to shaving (no worries--it's a butter knife)

I love checking on Joci every night after she falls asleep. There is always a lot of fun evidence of what she does before falling asleep. On this night she had apparently had a birthday party for Santa Claus.

Eating chips and clam dip. Yum. 

Story time!

We do a lot of paint projects with hand prints. I left Joci alone to paint once and found this - forehead prints. :)

This little girl keeps us laughing! We're so lucky to have her in our lives.


Beckie said...

Love the Santa Party - hehehe !She is adorable!

Rachel said...

So cute. Also love the Santa Party.

P.S. Just looks just smashing in that tiara.


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