Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Memory Lane Through the Eyes of My Checkbook

Justin rustled up an old checkbook register last night. It was from the first year of our marriage and it brought back so many memories. I am surprised by how we spent our money revealed. Here are a few lines:

4/06/2002  Desert View Animal Hospital     $25.00    
          We had taken our new puppy to get her shots
4/06/2002  Conoco Gas Station                  $15.07  
           A tank of gas
4/19/2002  Deposit                                     $143.96  
           Wow - we made next to nothing
4/19/2002  Movie Theater - Scorpion King $12.50    
          One movie ticket costs this much now
4/30/2002  Wal-Mart - Friends Season 1    $69.72    
           These were VHS. We always splurged on Friends. This was half a paycheck!
5/09/2002  Dell Financial Services               $150.00  
           Our first computer. It was nice!
5/12/2002 Wal-Mart                                  $12.29    
            I wish I only spent this much at Wal-Mart today!
5/15/2002 Grand America Hotel                 $283.00  
           We spent our first anniversary at the nicest hotel
5/20/2002 Chesbro's Justin                         $8.30    
           A gift for Justin's 22nd birthday
6/06/2002 MCI Phone card recharge          $14.75    
          We always used a calling card - no cell phones
6/06/2002 Deposit for our Malibu               $40.00    
           The deposit on our first car
6/25/2002 U-Haul                                      $94.34  
          Our move from Wyoming to University of Idaho
7/16/2002 HF 37 hair growth                      $55.99  
         A dumb purchase on pills to make my hair grow
8/05/2002 rent                                            $430.00  
         First time we ever paid rent. It was a crap hole
8/15/2002 deposit                                       $429.90  
        A great commission paycheck from my sales job

These memories of our first year of marriage are precious. I wish I could still fill up my gas tank for $15. I wish my household needs (and my self-discipline) allowed me to only spend $12 a week at Wal-Mart. But I am glad my paychecks are a little bit bigger than they were back then. :P

Justin (on the far right) performing in Into the Woods in 2002

Justin's 22nd birthday

Justin shaving for his first job in Moscow, Idaho, at McDonald's, 2002

On campus at the University of Idaho 2002 
(What the heck am I wearing? Cropped pants with socks?)

For some reason, the memories this checkbook register bring back are different than those jogged by a picture. I guess because they are hidden...forgotten. It was a fun trip down memory lane. Not one that will likely be repeated since I don't really keep a check register anymore.

Ah, the good old days.

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