Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What Would It Be Like to Have a Mormon in the White House? Round 1

What would it be like if Mitt Romney eventually won the Presidential election? What would it be like to have a Mormon in the White House? A lot of people have pondered this. As a Mormon myself, I have my own questions.

Would the Elders Quorum show up to help the Romneys move in?

What calling would Brother Romney hold in his new ward? Maybe something simple, like a home teaching supervisor. Wait, maybe that would be a bit awkward. “Um, hi, Brother Romney? Yeah, I didn’t get my home teaching done this month. I was just too…busy. No. No, sir. Not busier than you, sir. You’re at 100%? That’s amazing. I bet no one ever turns you down for a visit, do they? I guess when you put it that way...”

What if he were a Young Men’s leader? Would Scout Camp be at Camp David?

When the president of Italy comes for a state visit, will he be surprised when Ann Romney forgoes wine and serves Kool-Aid mixed with 7-Up?

Will President Romney need secret service to accompany him to the temple? Will he need secret service in the temple? Does that mean he will need to have Mormon secret service agents?

When the home teachers come to visit the Romneys every month, will they come to the White House or will there be an undisclosed location? Maybe via Skype?

Will Mitt and Ann replace old paintings of George Washington with MormonAds

P.S. These questions are rhetorical and asked in good humor. :) I already have more questions brewing. Stay tuned for round 2.


Haylee said...

He He He.

Topsy said...

can't wait for round 2 because that is hilarious.

Porsh said...

I'm betting there are already quite a few Mormon secret service agents.

Que and Brittany's Adoption Journal said...


Rachel said...

Delightful! Excited for round II.

Frederick Family said...



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