Thursday, February 2, 2012

Beauty Tip: Eye Primer Is Magical

Did you know I work in the beauty industry? That means—in theory—I am up on trends and tips and tricks and all things beauty. While I am not a Vanity Fair Fashionista, I am more of a real-world beauty maven. Someone suggested I share some of my beauty insights. I guess I’ll give it a go.

Don’t you hate makeup touchups? When I was in high school with fragile self-confidence I packed my makeup with me EVERYWHERE and did makeup touchups during nutrition break, during lunch, AND after school before catching the bus. Sad. Granted, cheap teenager makeup was a big factor.

 As I grew older, I stopped packing my makeup with me. Sure, I kept a compact and lip gloss in my purse, but I didn’t touch up absolutely everything. Still, there were many nights when I would get home from work and wonder where my makeup went. Why had I even bothered?

I bought more expensive makeup. But it only helped a little. My biggest concern was my eye makeup. Especially eye liner. I tried the long-lasting 12 hour pencils, liquids, gels, everything.

And then I discovered…

Eye primer.

I asked for Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion for Christmas. I told my husband time and time again, “If you get me nothing else, get me this!” He did and I LURVE it. (Yes, I just said “lurve.” That ought to tell you something.)

A good primer does 3 things:

  1. Makes the color of your eye shadow more true to what you see in the eye shadow compact
  2. Prevents your eye shadow from creasing no matter how greasy your lids are
  3. Keeps your makeup perfect ALL DAY. No more disappearing act. Seriously. I always wash my makeup off before bed but I have a feeling that if I slept in it, it would still look perfect the next day.

The moral of this story is that this primer is amazing. I can even get all day perfection from $4 CoverGirl eyeliners and shadows. Seriously impressive. Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion is $19 on (plus shipping) but it’s totally worth it because I am using half the makeup I used to and I can actually get a lasting look from less expensive makeup.


This is my own opinion. I was not compensated in any way to review this product or endorse this product or any eye primer product.


Jewls said...

I MUST try it! I'll have to give the hubs a little hint for eyeshadow never stays on!

kelley said...

I only allow myself a couple of must have expensive high-quality make up items and this is one of them. It changed my life forever. It horrifies my husband to see how much I spend on my few prized products but I don't care. It's worth it.

Topsy said...

AGREE 100 percent. As a matter of fact I am doing a post soon about my favorite brand of primer.

The stuff makes all the difference.

I should try this kind and see if I like it better!


I will add to favorite beauty products that I have recently had the pleasure of enjoying...Clinique Tinted Moisturizer!!!! Thin enough to not be cakey, tinted enough to not have to wear anything heavy! L O V E! Now, I will have to try the primer!

Stephanie May Anderson said...

I double dog dare you to try sleeping in your make up sometime to see if it still looks awesome the next day! I too love eye primer, but I've never tried that brand, I better check it out!!

BumbersBumblings said...

I love eye primer too! I use Mary Kay, which it sounds about the same. My other favorite is foundation base. It's drastically improved my life too (he he). I also bought it from MK.


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