Sunday, February 26, 2012

Celebrities I've Loved

Thank you, Rachel, for the letting me copy your post.

I "married" my brother's Bon Jovi poster as a little kid. Even to this day, he has such a charming smile.

Then there was Gary from Are You Afraid of the Dark? He was a little nerdy, but I fell hard for him. He was bold, brave, and a leader, but sensitive and smart.

And then Newsies happened and I lost my heart to Christian Bale. I memorized all the songs and would longingly warble "Santa Fe" in my backyard, fantasizing about running away to magical New Mexico with Jack. 

When Little Women came out, my love for Christian Bale was still going strong. After seeing the movie for the first time, I cried for three hours. I was so upset that Jo had refused--not Laurie--my darling Christian.

Ever since I was a teeny girl, I loved Pirates of Penzance. But as a young teen, I suddenly fell hard for Frederic (Rex Smith). He had the most amazing mouth. The curl of his heart flutters. And the smooth seduction of his flawless tenor...

I just found this video on YouTube and I still swoon when I hear him sing. 

Then came Daniel Day Lewis. He is the child of a poet laureate, people. So hot. He starred in the movie adaptation of a literary classic. He has cheekbones you could cut a diamond with. This love affair is ongoing. 

TLC's While You Were Out introduced me to hunky Andrew Dan Jumbo. Gorgeous. Hilarious. British accent. Handy with power tools. Insta-crush.

One of my more current crushes is Ryan Reynolds. Hot as all hell. Charming, devilish smile. Funny. Intelligent. Just all-around yum.

Who are the celebrities you have loved?



UK Yankee said...

Oooh, Ryan Reynolds...yes please! And I love Bon Jovi too - you have very good taste!

I would have to add Joey McIntyre from NKOTB. I so desperately wanted to marry him! He's still a cutie today, sigh...

Jewls said...

Totally agree with Ryan Reynolds!

Hays Family said...

That Josh Duamahl (or however you spell it) is absolutely eye candy for me. And oh how I fell for Sean Connary ever since I saw "Darby O' Gill" Ryan is cute but not as cute as Josh. I enjoyed watching Frederick again. So cute.


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