Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Found My Prince

"Don't let Disney screw you over...princes don't exist."

I read a quote similar to this on Pinterest tonight. At first, I was like, "Yeah! They don't! If I had known that at fifteen, I would have saved myself a lot of heartache!"

But then I really, really thought about it.

I have a prince.

I have a real-life fairy tale.

Yes, I consider myself lucky. But I don't think I consider my happy ending an exception. I believe and know that there are good men out there. Princely men. They'll be disguised in Polo shirts and faded jeans which isn't as easy to identify as a gleaming suit of armor, but they are there.

I just wanted to publicly honor my prince tonight. Here are a few glimpses of my love story.

We met at a croquet social in college. He was the referee. I kept cheating just to keep his attention on me. He knew I was cheating...and let me get away with it. He played his guitar and sang around a bonfire. He stole my heart.

Justin proposed after ten days of dating.

During college, Justin was the night manager of the school cafeteria. One Valentine's day, the school had a few big events. One included a blood drive. The other was a lobster dinner at the cafeteria. I donated blood for the first time that day and felt fine. At dinner that night, the cafeteria was packed and the line was hella long. My blood donation caught up with me and I passed out. Apparently, lots of people crowded around me - I was a spectacle. Justin hopped over the food counter in a daring leap, scooped me in his arms and rushed me to a booth where I could lay down (and he could pull my skirt down for modesty). He was my hero.

We had been married for a couple of years when the topic of a certain pond near Troy, Idaho, came up. Justin had been there a few times and I never had and expressed a desire to go. Justin told me to get my coat. We were going. It was probably one o'clock in the morning. Snaking through the thick northern Idaho forests, we came upon the pond. Thick mist had settled over the water and a full moon illuminated the fog with a fairy tale glow. Geese and swans swam gracefully across the pool. It was spontaneous and beautiful.

Justin proposed to me twice. He thought his first spontaneous proposal on the sidewalk in front of his dorm wasn't romantic enough so after we were married, he asked me again at my parents' house on Christmas Eve. Down on one knee. The speech. The Christmas tree glittering behind him. And yes, I got another diamond ring.

This Valentines we decided not to do too much for each other. Still, I came home to a giant box of chocolates, a rose, and bottle of perfume.

Another Valentines Day I came home to Winnie the Pooh (one of my favorites) Valentines all laid out on the floor in the shape of a heart. On the back of each Valentine was written a reason why Justin loves me. I taped them all in my journal and have them today.

In New York, after I felt like my birthday had been a bit of a letdown, Justin managed to sneak away and surprise me with a really sweet note and an amazing box of chocolates.

I remember doing a 9-hour drive once and not turning on the radio once during the whole length of the trip. We talked the entire time. Proof that our relationship is super solid.

There are big stories like that. But the little things mean so much.

Justin has never called me a name. Well, only good names like sweetheart. He's never once said I am being a jerk or even a dork or anything along those lines.

Justin treats my parents with love and respect. There are no "mother-in-law" issues there. I love that about him.

Justin trusts me with his tools and "guy stuff." When I say, "I can't do that," he always responds with, "Sure you can. You just haven't learned."

We go to bed together every night.

We watch our shows together. I would never dream of watching the latest episode of New Girl before he got home and he wouldn't do it to me. Sometimes we are weeks behind the airing schedule (thank goodness for DVR!) but we'd rather watch TV together.

Justin has written several amazing, amazing songs for me. And the sweetest lullaby ever for our daughter.

Not once has Justin come home to a messy house and said, "What have you done today?"

No matter what budget we establish for a gift giving holiday, Justin blows it on me.

Justin makes my birthday cakes every year. Whatever I request. I've had German chocolate, red velvet, cheesecakes and more. The frosting is always homemade too. :)

I really could go on and on. But I'll spare you. The point is...I found my prince.


Topsy said...

I love this. For someone so unsentimental like myself, this really got to me. It's so sweet. Cheers to having found our prince.

BumbersBumblings said...

You hit the jackpot--adorable!


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