Monday, February 13, 2012

I Miss Music (and Running...kind of)

Music used to dominate my life. From the time I was about 12 on, I listened to music every moment I could. I had a radio in the bathroom and I gauged my morning routine by songs. Brushing teeth = two songs. Shower = three songs. Makeup = three songs. I took my discman with me on the bus and on school trips so I could listen all the time. In my room, I always had the radio going. I had this awesome digital boombox with a remote control so as I laid in bed I could flip radio stations (I have always been more of a radio listener than an album listener).

Kids these days get mp3 players for their fifth birthdays. Not so when I was a kid. I think I was eleven or twelve when I got my very own radio to go in my room. It was like this rite of passage. I was no longer a kid. I could listen to the radio!!!

Remember that first song you ever connected to? Your soul just clicked with it and it was your song? For me, that song was "Don't Get Me Started" by Rhett Atkins.

I made dozens of mixed tapes...each with a theme. One was a soundtrack for girl's night. One was a soundtrack for a broken heart. One was a soundtrack for a newly blossoming crush. And on and on...There was a song for every moment of my life.

 My music habits diminished when I got to college. Why? Roommates.

And then I got married and I could have my radio in the bathroom again, but had to be conscientious of a sleeping spouse. In the car I had to compromise for my husband's music tastes too. My love affair with music was strained.

My job doesn't allow for it either. While I sit surrounded by designers in their cubicles listening to their favorite artists or audio books, as a writer, music interferes with my creation of meaningful, cohesive sentences. Alas, I sit in silence for nine hours every day.

And then came the baby. My last music holdout--my drive to and from work--was invaded. With the radio on, I couldn't hear the baby fussing. Or talking to me. Or whatever. She couldn't hear me singing, cooing, and talking to her, which was necessary to minimize her screaming.

I live in an age where music is more accessible than it ever has been. And I often feel I live a music-free life. It bums me out.

A year ago when I was training for my 5k, I listened to my iPod nano as I ran a couple miles around the river every night. That was awesome. I got my music back for that small stretch of time. And I got to enjoy it outdoors (I miss the outdoors too, but that's another post). Lately I've found myself missing my daily runs. Perhaps as the sun is staying up longer, I may have to pick up running again...but let's not get crazy.

Am I crazy? Am I the only one who feels like she gave up music with marriage and kids? What was the first song you really connected with?


Jamie Boyd said...

First of all, you brushed your teeth for 2 songs? That's like 6 minutes. Do you still have gums? :)

I feel like I gave up music a lot too. I recently rediscovered it with my iPod and iHome in my kitchen. And Jackson has just barely gotten to a point where he likes music too. He wants it on in the car (we argue over which songs to listen to when I flip through the radio stations). And we dance together to music while we cook. Music has such a big impact on your mood. I hope you can find more time for music.

Frederick Family said...

Once I had kids the music was gone. The minute I turned on the radio in the car was the same minute the kids started asking questions or crying or whatever. I turned the radio down answered the questions, soothed the child etc, turned the radio up only for it all to start over again. Therefore, I just turned off the radio. I figured it was a time in my life that was more important to be available to my kids and we were creating moments of silly times together without the music. Now that the kids are older, the music is back. Many nights my boys and I sit up late looking up artists and lyrics and listening to songs. Our latest artist we researched was Bob Marley. Hang in there, the music will return.

Ashley said...

Yes, the music did go away for a while, but it's also true that it comes back. Anna and I totally have dance parties and I get to teach her about all kinds of amazing music.

Also, mine was "Right Here Waiting," by Richard Marx. I feel like that ages me inappropriately, but there it is. (And admitting this might discredit what I said about amazing music... :D)

Haylee said...

The music comes and goes with marriage and kids, it's true. Maybe turn it on while you are in the kitchen cleaning up dinner or something. Josie is getting old enough you will be surprised how quickly she will memorize the songs and start singing along. With that said, be careful what you're listening to. :) Your mom-filter will be quite keen once you hear your little one singing about some of the things on the radio. I certainly listen with more intent now that I have kids.

Jewls said...

I still run, so I get my music time then! :) However, in the house we mostly play primary them, but every once in a while I blast my own tunes and me and Z rock out! :)

Courtney said...

My music has definitely come and gone and come back again over the years. Before I got married I had my own apartment which gave me the freedom to blast my choice darn the time of day. Then married life brought music choices in a lot...mostly in the car. But, once the kids started and I was home the music started to flow again; cleaning a silly afternoon dancing around, yard work, ect. Right now my little B's favorite song is Crazy by Celo Green. She likes to come up to me and say "Mom, I think you're C-R-AAA-ZZZ-YYY! Just like meee!" Makes me laugh every time. Try finding little times to crank the radio and let looose! You will be surprised at how fun J will think it is to 'bust a move' with her Mommy.


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