Monday, March 12, 2012

Another Victim of Infertility

Relaxing my bladder in a bathroom stall at work last week, I overheard two women enter the restroom and have the following conversation in a humorous, flippant tone.

Girl #1: Maybe you're pregnant. 

Girl #2: I am not pregnant. If I were pregnant, I would be suicidal. 

It's a good thing I was anchored to the toilet seat by a healthy stream of urine or I may just have given Girl #2 what for.

I get that pregnancy isn't the ultimate prize for most women like it was once for me. Heck, for the millions of women out there who devour a daily birth control pill, pregnancy is to be avoided like the plague.

I try to be sensitive to others' worlds while I am completely engrossed in my own.

Still, it doesn't change the fact that I peed on my favorite high heels because I dashed out of the bathroom as fast as I could so I wouldn't have the opportunity to learn the identity of Girl #2 and be forced to defend my honor and the honor of all infertile women by challenging her to a dual behind the maple trees after work on Friday.

Poor high heels.


Jewls said...

A big fat UGH! Sorry!

Adrienne said...

I soooooo understand. I had a similar experience when I was sitting in the waiting room waiting to see my doctor after another failed fertility treatment and a teenager who was VERY pregnant sat complaining to her boyfriend how she couldn't drink or have fun because she was pregnant. Needless to say when I actually saw my doctor all I could do was sob. Needless to say my sweet doctor kept me in the exam room until that pipsqueak was done and gone.

Beckie said...

I wasn't gonna comment on this-- cuz I've been in your shoes-- and wanted to kick people in the face- but I've also been teh girl - making the off the cuff comment about "not wanting to be pregnant"-- when in actuality - it was a deflection -- I defelcted comments from people - every time I was sick or gained an ounce-- ooh are you pregnant- when I'd had given anything in teh world to be pregnant- and I began to give comments such as Girl #2-- to save my self from crying in the bathroom later. I didn't want to comment to crush your thunder- but maybe save you another pair of shoes getting peed on -- sometimes people deflect a comment- when really - it is not true at all- but it is the only way to truly keep their sanity!!


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