Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Ghost Cat's in the Mail

One order of ectoplasm coming right up!

I "adopted" a ghost cat from Etsy the other day. I COULD NOT pass it up. Here is the description.

A most unique gift for someone or yourself if you have a love for cats. In this most unusual adoption agency I offer "spirit" cats. They roam on the astral plane and would love to have someone adopt them so they can have a home again. Adoption document with official seal, meditation, directions and welcoming prayer are included as well as the details of the cat spirit. All you have to do is believe. Results can astound you.

The materials listed are pen, ink, and ectoplasm.

This is so awesome. This will not be my first run-in with a cat from The Beyond because I totally slept with one in Salem, Massachusetts, at the Stephen Daniels House. Plus, I already have a ghost who lives with me. His name is Dennis. I don't think I've talked about him much on my blog, but he lives with me. He's generally helpful and kind. He tries to manifest at night sometimes and I scream when I see him (you would too if you woke up out of a dead sleep and saw a ghostly man by your bed), but he's stopped doing that because he knows it freaks me out. Anyway, he might be lonely and he might need a pet. I hope he likes this cat. Maybe he'll get so occupied with removing ghostly pee clumps from phantom litter that he'll stop trying to appear by my bedside and talk to me.

I hope my corporeal cat Gabby likes my new spectral cat. If not, can you imagine the cat fights? I wonder if my ghost cat will make sounds. And purr. I wonder if my ghost cat will come with a name? I imagine so, because it probably had a name in life and will want to continue to use it. But maybe I get to name it. Like with other adoptions, I get the right to name or re-name it. What will I name it? So many cat names are based on physical characteristics. Socks is my friend's cat with white feet. Smokey was a gray cat I owned once. Fluffy. Midnight. Bitty. Whiskers. What would I name my cat? Translucent? Wraithy? Ether?

I'm open to suggestions: what should I name my new ghost cat?


Amber Bare said...

I like that you're crazy and I'm excited to hear how this turns out.

I think your ghost cat should be named Casper or Salem. Sort of stick with the Ectoplasm theme it's the only concrete piece of this.

Rachel said...

Delightful! Almost as wonderful as the portrait my brother and sister-in-law just had done of their cat.


I vote for the name "Wraithy."

And I, too, once owned a gray cat named Smokey.

Also, I want to hear more about Dennis.

Que and Brittany are Hoping to Adopt! said...

Phantom kitty litter sounds awesome. I bet Walmart sells it.

Are you familiar with episodes of The Simpsons? Their dog is "Santa's Little Helper," so, if your Phantom Cat barfs on your bed (or in your shoes) just like my living cat does, I would suggest the name "Satan's Little Helper" for your Dearly Departed. :p

And, I too, would like to hear more about Dennis.


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