Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ten Guilty Pleasures

1. Cream cheese. 
It's the perfect food. It's great in sandwiches, desserts, casseroles, chicken, steak, veggies, crackers, cheesecakes, brownies, frosting, bagels, fruit dip, chip dip, sushi - pretty much everything. Savory or sweet. Perfection.

2. Sarah Michelle Gellar
I love her. Sigh. I've watched almost everything she's done. She's good, she's attractive, she's grounded, she's relate-able, she's successful, she's not caught up in the Hollywood crazy train. Oh, and her daughter is the same age as mine. Someday when Sarah and I are BFFs, our kids will be too.

3. Brushing My Teeth
My gums are on the endangered species list because I brush too much. And I always though brushing was a good thing.

4. Twilight
Enough said.

5. Brownies
My favorite dessert. So simple. It's not some fancy, French sauce-covered chef-perfected confection. Just give me a box of Duncan Heinz brownie mix and I am in heaven.

6. Paris
I wish I were talking about the city in France. Alas, no. What would make me feel guilty about liking that? This one is a hard one for me to confess. I own and listen to the Paris Hilton CD Paris. Feel free to judge me. I judge myself.

7. Diablo III
I can't even express how excited I am for this computer game to come out. I have been waiting for YEARS.

8. British Royals
I read absolutely every gossipy article out there about Kate Middleton and the other royals. I can't get enough. At least she's a role model worth emulating (I'm talking about her manners and class - no trashy tabloid behavior here - not necessarily her knack for marrying well, although that should be applauded). Honestly, I miss the royal wedding. I'm sad it's all over. Time for a royal baby!!!

9. Caffeinated Pop
Diet Coke or Pepsi must be on my menu once per day or I get a massive, crippling headache. I am addicted. None of my family members are like this. When I go to visit anyone, I have to smuggle in my own soda or sneak out to a vending machine for my daily fix. I feel like a junkie.

10. White/Clear Gummi Bears
Yes, I am that picky. Yes, they taste different. Yes, they are the best.

What are your guilty pleasures? Leave a note in the comments or do a blog post and send me your link.


Topsy said...

Although we've never met in person, I think you probably have a good idea of what mine are. At least my first two.

Trash/reality TV. Kardashians anyone?
Trash magazines.
Oreo milkshakes for days.
Oh and I'll take a few of those gummy bears too. And brownies, thank you very much.

Stephanie May Anderson said...

I'm with Mrs. Hendricks on this one- reality TV is my biggest guilty pleasure. I LOVE the real housewives shows, loved the Hills, loved the City, I watch 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom religiously and just discovered the Bachelor a year ago.

I love Brandi Carlisle and though not representative of my own sexual preferences, I LOVE chick (ok, lesbian) rock stars. Love them. I think most of my favorite girl rock stars are lesbians.

I also love trash magazines like Laura.

There are too many food guilty pleasures to name just one but I'm with you on the cream cheese- Best food Ever.

Rachel said...

Totally judging you on the Paris Hilton thing. Wow. We can still be friends, though.

I told Abe that you were excited for Diablo III and his mind was TOTALLY BLOWN.

Cream Cheese IS fabulous. Everything about it is wonderful. I have a baked spaghetti recipe that calls for cream cheese. Oh sweetness and mercy.

And teethbrushing. I'm with you there. I even keep a toothbrush at work so I can brush after lunch. My friend Loriann has a compulsive flossing problem. She keeps a bag of flossers in her enormous purse and just randomly flosses sometimes.

I did a post forever ago about things I like that I shouldn' gnomes, nickelback, the like....can't think of anything new right now.


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