Friday, April 20, 2012

Birthday Pictures

We had a fun-filled weekend celebrating Joci's third birthday. Lots of pictures. Settle in. 

Since Grandma and Grandpa Z were here for the weekend, we did a birthday celebration a few days early. 

Joci adores helping her 2 month old cousin baby Kaylee. And everything Kaylee does is "so cute." I think she's going to be a great big sis!

A few days later, as I ate a piece of Blue's face, Joci freaked out and sent me to time out for hurting Blue. Be careful with three-year-olds and character cakes!

The lighting is horrible, but Joci had the sweetest grin the whole time we sang to her.

She insisted on doing the candles twice. She had a hard time with them. Cousin Haiden helped from a couple feet away and actually got them all out without Joci knowing. 


A pink trike from Mom and Dad and a helmet from G & G!

Joci has been begging for a bike for probably a year. She figured out the pedaling in no time and cruises down the street and around the corner faster than I expected. 

Haiden on his scooter 

Pin the paw on Blue. Justin spent every evening for a week creating our Blue's Clues decorations. Truly a dedicated daddy. 

I can't get the helmet off!

We watched Tangled and Joci wanted to have a lot of flowers in her hair like Rapunzel.

Joci, Haiden, and Kaylee - the three grandkids

On Joci's real birthday, I made her a "3" pancake

She wouldn't let me cut it. 

I was torn about the cake situation. I had spent hours making Blue over the weekend. I didn't have the time or resolve to do that again. But I also didn't want Joci to get a half-eaten cake for her actual birthday. Gourmet cupcakes were the compromise. Joci picked the grasshopper cupcake in the middle for herself.

A birthday crown from daycare.

Uncle Jordan and Cousin Paige

After blowing out the candles. Look at that grin!

Blue left her paw prints around as a scavenger hunt. 

Let's use our handy dandy notebooks to draw the clues we see!

We think and then...ahah! comes to us. Blue wants to play the sock monkey game!

We played and Paige won!

Thomas the Train railroad set

Notice the baby Tiana Joci is holding. She hasn't gone anywhere without it since Tuesday. 

Coloring the purse Joci got from her cousins. 

The Ladybug Game from Grandma and Grandpa Hays. Fun!

Mailbox! Another one of Justin's creations.

A letter from Steve and Blue. Joci would open the card and excitedly say, "Hi, Steve!"

More decorations. 

We had a blast! Joci thinks every day should be her birthday now! Such a fun age and such a fun girl. 


Hays Family said...

What a fun BD party. You two really go all out and I love the Blues cake. Happy BD Joci!

Liz Smith said...

aww....where has the time gone?!! she is so cute and getting so big! i looove the cake! good job! so fun. happy 3rd birthday, joci!


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