Monday, April 30, 2012

Blog Posts to Come

This past April, I have had the best blogging stats in the history of my blog. I am so excited! The last time I had a month this good was over a year ago and I posted something sort of political and I ended up with a lot of first time readers and trolls, so I’ve never really counted it and I’ve always wondered if people cared enough about my little meanderings to ever match/beat that one political post. And the answer is YES!

Thank you, readers!

I just wanted to give you a sneak peak on some posts to come (can’t promise when, but this is what I am working on).

  • My terrifying encounter with a rotating door.
  • The first sighting of my ghost cat!
  • My demands as a diva
  • A super fantastic beauty secret to clear skin—I wish I knew this when I was 12, but I am still glad to know it at 30!
  • Why people who blog are happier
  • More details on Jocelyn’s adoption than I have shared before
  • A small excerpt from my most recent novel
  • A tutorial on how to make cute, customized clipboards—I did this for teacher appreciation.
  • An ode to my husband—he is fantastic all around, but he is a really, really sweet dad.
  • Some fun Joci anecdotes.
  • And probably more adoption planning stuff (7 weeks!)
  • Something special for the 5-year anniversary of Pocket Full of Prose

So thanks again for all your support, for reading regularly, for following the blog, for sharing it with your friends, and your comments. MWAH!


Faye Hayes said...

I love the way you think and how you can write it down. You make things sound interesting and fun.

Rachel said...

I'm especially excited for the skin care tip.


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