Sunday, April 22, 2012

Joci's First Haircut

We thought our little lady might enjoy a haircut to celebrate her graduation from toddlerhood into preschoolhood.

We took her to a real salon - The Defining Line Salon - for a real cut. She said she was scared when I sat her in the chair but she got over it fast. She got to wear a "big bib" as she called it and Shauna the stylist cut her hair. Joci was wiggly, but didn't cry or freak out ever. We decided to give her a stacked A-line bob. How many three-year-olds rock an actual style? Mine, for one. :)

Like a dorky mom, I swiped some hair remnants for Joci's baby book and to send to her birth mom. 

Joci cooperated a little bit better when Mom stepped out of sight and another stylist Grayce helped coax Joci into holding her head just right. Today Joci is still talking about laying on Grayce's arm. 

Shauna was so sweet and patient. Joci still talks about how Shauna gave her a haircut. 


Enjoying her new hair in the breeze. 

The haircut is so cute it almost - ALMOST - distracts you from watching Joci pick a wedgie. :)

At home we curled the ends under a bit. 

Joci is proud of her cut and talks about her experience a lot. She seems to love and we think it seems to fit her spunky personality!

P.S. I also have to say that I loved that my husband was so excited to "tag along" and watch every snip. He is such a good dad for a little girls.


mom2jjk said...

My favorite hair cut ever! I love it on me and my spunky Kara rocks it too! A great style for straight hair!
She looks so cute!

Beckie said...

OOh my gosh it is soo cute- did you cry- I cried when Porter got his first hair cut!!! --

so on the carpet-- it was "hand me down" carpet- but had hardly been used-- seriously still smells new!!! -- so it was free- the pad cost some- but not a ton-- and our great friend layed it- and he is amazing- you cannot tell where any of the seams are!!!

so when you are ready I can give you his info- he can get carpet at stellar deals!! and he is the best carpet layer- hands down--!!!

Frederick Family said...

Where did you baby go??? She looks so grown up.

Liz Smith said...

so cute and perfect for spring! :)

Jennie Smith said...

I saw it at Koala Kids today & almost died it was so cute!

Hays Family said...

I love her hair style. she looks to pert and fresh. I have always wanted hair that would style that way. You know, straight with some body and substance. Joci is adorable even if I am a biased gradmom.

Rachel said...

What an adorable child. And an adorable haircut. It really is perfect for her.

Jessica said...

Love it! So stylin'!

BumbersBumblings said...

It is a super cute haircut! I love the wedgie picture--that's real life :)


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