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Most Moms Regret Their Baby's Name

I obsess about most things in life. It's just something I do. Remember when I considered naming my baby Poop

I figure naming a human is a pretty important thing. It's a decision that must transcend trends. It must transcend impulses. 

I love my daughter's name. Jocelyn. Love it. Love her nickname Joci. I am still not sure I love how I chose to spell it, but it's just a nickname, right? My sister loves the name she gave to her oldest son, but isn't so sure about what she named her daughter. I think she wishes she chose a different name. 

I read this article from The Stir the other day saying that 54% of moms in the UK regret the name they gave to their baby. 


That's a majority. 

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Quoting the article:  Twenty-six percent said they felt the name they selected got too popular, and about half said that their child's name just doesn't fit his or her personality.

The writer of the article comments that most of us wait until we bring a pet home and play with it before bestowing a moniker. But we do it backwards for babies. We settle on a name months before we even see the baby. 

So true! We didn't name Jocelyn until we spent four days with her. We have the same plan for baby #2. Now, some family members have been nagging for a name - you know who you are! :) We have a handful of favorites. And then we will meet the baby and see! My sister-in-law thought she was expecting a girl during her first pregnancy and had a name picked out early on. She didn't know her baby was a boy until he was born. Four years later, she had a girl and the baby got the same name. Obviously it was a name she loved and so it wasn't just a fad or a whim for her. But I find it slightly odd because they are two different kids with different personalities.The name that was in second place for Jocelyn isn't even a consideration this time around. It just isn't working for me right now.

The list of names I made in fourth grade just doesn't seem to apply anymore. That seems kind of like a one-size-fits-all kind of approach. 

So I want to know, do you have any second thoughts about what you've named your kids? Leave a comment or vote in the anonymous poll on the left! 


Amy said...

We have five daughters & I still love their names...

H A L to the G's Ma said...

There have been a couple of times I regret Hadley's and Avery's names cause they've gotten so popular, I like different but not off the wall names, but then I wonder what I would have picked instead and nothing comes to mind cause their names fit them so well. I've yet to pick a name for this baby... that we can both agree on.
It's weird, we do do things backwards. I just love having a name already and so far they've all fit! I can't wait to hear what your little lady's name will be!! I love Joci's name!!

kareydk said...

My child came with a name that I couldn't take away from him. I miss that I missed out on being able to name him. As it turns out the name I most liked would have fit him: Miles. And then about four months home, I was just watching him play in the yard one afternoon and he was running endlessly. And I said, "I should have named you 'Miles.'" He stopped, looked at me, and asked why. "Because you run for miles and miles and miles," I said. He liked it. So it got added to his other middle names when we did his readoption.

In Ethiopia, children are typically given a "house name" (we call it a nickname) such as "little sister" until they are almost school age. Then they get their official names. By then the parents know their personalities really well. My child's first name means "better than the others." And his original last name, which was his father's first name means "fast." You put the two together and you have my son, no doubt about it.

Frederick Family said...

Which sister is questioning her daughters name??? I did not realize how popular Elizabeth was when we chose the name, I do not like to use overly popular names. However, since we rarely call her that it doesn't matter. There is a plethora of girls her gate that all start with the letter "E" so that ended up being a trend too. I guess we could start calling her Beth, Libby or Lizzy if we wanted to be different. I do still like all of my kids names. And for the record we had a small list of names for each kid and didn't make the final decision until the last day of the hospital stay. We had to see their little faces and personalities before choosing their forever name.

I have a friend who used to say he was going to give his kids numbers until they were about 10yrs old and then let them choose their own names. I don't think his wife agreed with him since they were all named at birth. But hey, that is another approach to the whole naming game.

Meagan said...

I love my kids' names. They fit them, they are different but easy to spell. We keep a general list of boy and girl names in our google docs at all times. That way we can add as we see fit, and when a baby is on the way we start weeding out names. Any name on the top 100 names for the previous year or two is automatically off our to-name list. Generally we go to the hospital with 2 names and spend a day or two with baby until we decide.

Andy's Mom said...

We've had a list of names that we liked for various reasons since we were married. When we went to pick up Andy, we both strongly thought "Andy." And he's a very spunky little guy that seems to fit an "Andy." Our #1 girl's name was Riley Kae. However, when we got a phone call about our daughter, and we kept calling her "Riley," it just didn't seem to fit or feel right. When we met her first mother, she mentioned she'd chosen the name "Olivia" and had been calling the baby that for months. It was like a light clicked. We really hadn't considered Olivia, but when she was born, we were even more sure that she is an Olivia. Now, her nickname is a different story... I like calling her "Libby." My husband and son call her "Liv" or "Livie." Not my favorite....


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