Monday, April 9, 2012

What Color Is Your Skin?

"What color is your skin?" I asked my two-year-old daughter today.

She answered me with a quizzical look.

"Look at your hands. What color are they?"

Joci stared at her hands pensively. "Pink," she said tentatively. ""

I was curious what she would say. Her answer pleased me.

"Your new little sister is going to have brown skin," I told Joci.

"Brown? Really?" Her eyes grew wide. "That is SO CUTE!"

Again, her reaction completely pleased me. Joci is right. She is going to be *so cute.* :)


Ashley said...

I think blogger needs to start having a "like" option for blog posts. Consider this liked.

Alicia said...

We have had many conversations about peach and brown skin at our house. I still find them awkward because I really want my kids to be accepting of everyone and usually the conversation comes up because of a negative situation. On the flip side though, we have a boy in our ward that was adopted from a Marshall Islands family. He is so neat. Good luck with all the changes!

Rachel said...

When Moses Kinikini left our house after a home teaching appointment, Soren said something about how he was a "chocolate man." I thought that was adorable. Your chocolate baby will be scrumptiously adorable. And Joci will be such a good big sister!

Meagan said...

That is so cute! Your girls are going to be adorable together!


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