Saturday, May 19, 2012

Legally Ours

All dressed up for court

Noelle's finalization was a lot less formal than Jocelyn's. With Joci, we were in an actual courtroom with a judge at the bench in robes. We had to answer questions in a microphone. 

With Noelle, our lawyer said, "Let's go back and meet the judge." We went into Judge Beth Storey Bryan's chambers. She wasn't wearing robes. We chatted about Idaho, Arkansas, mountains, ticks, open adoption, etc. She was rifling through papers and signing a few things while we conversed casually and then she asked if we wanted to get a picture - we were done and didn't even know it! 

Noelle's bio family and us went to an early dinner together. Then they took us to a little store with Pacific Island/Marshallese goods. We bought this Marshallese flag for Noelle's nursery. 



Topsy said...

She's gorgeous! And I couldn't be more happy for you guys.

So exciting!

Liz Smith said...

she is so beautiful! im glad everything is official and that it went smoothly. congrats!


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