Saturday, May 12, 2012

Meet Baby Noelle

Baby Noelle is sleeping on our hotel bed right now. What a sweet feeling. 

Last night as we were holding her, we found out that birth mama had wanted to name the baby Kelly. We decided to keep Kelly as a middle name. We have known for awhile that we wanted Malia as a middle name - Ma-LEE-uh. It is Hawaiian for "Marie" which is Justin's mom's middle name and we wanted to name the baby after her. Plus since it's Hawaiian, it honors the baby's island heritage. And holding her, the name Noelle sounded so right. So the official name is Noelle Kelly Malia. 

This morning, we hung out at the hospital for a few hours before baby and birth mama were released. We had some touching moments. It's never easy to see a mother say goodbye to her baby. I know both birth parents are completely at peace and confident in their decision, but it was hard to see. They gave us bags and bags of clothing and blankets for the baby. The nurses loaded us up too - we got about $100 worth of formula. 
After leaving the hospital we went straight to the attorney's office where all the consent forms were signed. I was worried that would be really emotional, but it wasn't. 
Noelle and I had a nap today. We had a lovely dinner out. 

Noelle is a slow eater. And she doesn't like to let us know when she is hungry. She would sleep forever if we let her. We have to watch the clock with this one. 

Daddy seems to have a special touch with her. He can settle her down easily. 

The only time she cries is when we change her clothes. By the way, this girl can PEE!

She is so sweet and precious. My heart is full. 


kelley said...

I cannot get over how perfect that little face is. Seriously. Not that normal squishy, puffy newborn face. I be you're excited for Joci to meet her! And I support the name decision. But I'm a little biased. Congrats again. I can't even imagine how bursting with emotions yall are.

Rachel said...

Look at those little mitten hands! What a gorgeous little sweetie. So happy for your family.

Jewls said...

Lara she is SO CUTE! I love the name too--very pretty!

Dede said...

What a cutie! Congrats to your whole family.

Anonymous said...

Life is definitely good. Things certainly turn out the way they were meant to. Our little Noelle is a most wonderful adoption story and you and Justin are so blessed to be the parents of two beautiful little girls. My heart is soooo happy for both of you and Joci. Love Grandma Z.

Vanessa said...

You have me all teary-eyed again. Such a sweet story and sweet baby. It will be so fun to see Joci's reaction-she will be such a great big sis!

Liz Smith said...

LOVE the name!! so beautiful! and she is absolutely gorgeous. i love her little outfit. congrats, mama! i can't think of a better mother's day gift. :)

Whitney said...

She is so beautiful! I know I've said it before, but she is the most gorgeous, sweet, little thing! So very happy for your family!


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