Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

I've had Mother's Days where I've cried tears of pain and frustration.

I've had Mother's Days where I've been too callous to care.

I've had Mother's Days where I got homemade gifts and felt like I was finally "normal."

But I have never had a Mother's Day like this. I am sorry to my husband and kids for the rest of forever...but I really doubt anything will top this one.

On Wednesday night before we came to Arkansas, Justin gave me my Mother's Day presents. A Kindle with a few accessories and a couple of CDs. I was able to use it on the flights.

 My longtime friend Meagan who lives four hours away in Kansas took pity on my Arkansas "house arrest" and drove four hours with her kids to see me. It was so fun and did my soul good to have a friend here with me.

Noelle's birth family came to our hotel for a brief visit. We exchanged gifts and I got five pairs of Marshallese earrings.

We went to Red Lobster where I ate all the junk and carbs I wanted.

We watched We Bought a Zoo at the hotel. Great movie.

And I snuggled my four-day old baby.

While I am having an amazing Mother's Day, I am aware of those who have a hard time today. Mothers without children. Children without mothers. Mothers are angels that bless our lives with unconditional, selfless love. Those angels are more often than not completely unrelated to us. Wishing ALL mothers a happy day and praying for blessings for your service and love.


Debra said...

What a beautiful Mother's Day! I am so happy for you and the gorgeous baby! The kindle is awesome too!

Meagan said...

So glad that we could come visit! It was so awesome to see you and Justin and Noelle. It was a pretty awesome mother's day!

Liz Smith said...

SO perfect! happy mother's day! you deserve all this happiness and more!

rochelle said...

Lara I haven't had a chance to post a comment until today.....Congratulations on Noelle!!! I am so happy for you! Noelle is so beautiful! What a story. I just love a good adoption story. Big hug to you!! Happy Mother's Day!


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