Thursday, June 7, 2012

Artwork for Mom

This little girl melts my heart daily. I am so happy to be her mama. Even if she eats butter. :)

Monday after her nap, I heard Joci making a bit of noise in her room. I checked on her and found her scribbling on her walls. In the past couple weeks I have caught her coloring on her body and on her bedding with her washable Crayola markers (I ONLY buy washable markers). We've had discussions that you only color on paper and if she keeps coloring on other things, no more markers in her room.

So when I saw all the marker on the wall, my blood got a little hot. Especially when I realized she used the only markers that are not washable - they were a birthday gift to her from a family member. I was ready to trash the markers in front of her and put her in time out with a very stern talking to.

Before I could say anything, though, my little princess looked at me, her face beaming with pride, and said, "Mommy! Look what I did! My wall is so cute! I did it for you!"

All my anger dissolved instantly. How could I be mad at that? I did remind her that we only color on paper. But I did reassure her that her wall was, in fact, cute.

Today, I finally started to try to wash off the marker. Joci watched somberly. My best cleaner was still taking off paint along with the marker. Looks like we will have to repaint the entire wall.

Tonight as Justin was tucking Joci in, she was telling him all about her wall and how she colored it for me. She colored it for me because she knows I like the movie Tangled and she wanted to paint the wall like Tangled for me. 

Oh. My. Goodness. How sweet is that?

Justin said that maybe when we redo the wall, we can paint it like Tangled. Joci said she can't. She can only color on paper. 

Have I broken her spirit? 

Justin reassured her that if Mom and Dad are there, she can paint on the walls. 

Sweetest thing ever. I am not sure I can paint over that marker now. :) I'll have to think of a way to create some kind of whimsical "Tangled wall" for Joci that she can help us create. 


Beckie said...

Frame it- make her art work-- You'll have to make a frame to fit it- but be handy!!!

Rachel said...

Sweet little bunny. I'm with Beckie-- frame it.

P.S. Liam eats butter too.


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