Monday, June 4, 2012

Loving Lagoon

The first weekend in May, we went to Lagoon because my niece was dancing. We wanted to take Joci to Lagoon sometime this summer. We were a little apprehensive about going so early in May because of cool spring weather and Justin was still recovering from a torn ligament in his foot. But we decided that it would be more fun for Joci to have cousins there and to go before the baby came. Little did we know that Noelle would be born four days later, so it made for a wonderful "last hurrah" for Joci as an only child. 

Bulgy the Whale was Joci's favorite ride. She rode it at least five times. 

You can see Afton and Paige in the background

Because the two cousin siblings often rode together, Joci went alone on a few rides. She didn't mind at all. I thought she would be nervous going alone on this ride because it took her completely out of view of us, but she seemed so over the moon to be driving a car all by herself. 

The adults took turns watching the kids while the other couple went off on big rides. So while Jordan, Cindy, and Afton took off, Joci and Paige had to share rides. They usually didn't like it. 

On the massive Ferris wheel

Paige with a gun. Run!

On the Ferris wheel

The carousel

On top of the world at the Ferris wheel.

Lagoon is a lot more expensive than I remember, but, man, it was worth every penny just to see the joy on Joci's face. She had so much fun and we're already planning a trip back. Soon!!

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Que and Brittany are Hoping to Adopt! said...

I'm so glad you got to go before Noelle was born! We are going on Thursday!


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