Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Today Is My 6 Week Old's Due Date

Seven weeks ago if you had asked me what I would be doing today, I would have said that I would be in Arkansas awaiting the birth of my brand new baby. You see, today was her due date.

Funny joke, right?

Instead, I am watching The Big Bang Theory and listening to my six week old baby coo in her sleep next to me.

Life is kind of funny, isn't it?

I have been playing catch up on everything that happened in Arkansas (and I still have miles to go) that I have neglected to blog about the present. So I will do that now.

Today Noelle is six weeks old.

She is a chub with the cutest thigh rolls and kissable cheeks and neck rolls that are hard to keep clean. She is such an expressive baby. I love when she looks and me and raises her eyebrows and her entire forehead crinkles. She has been smiling for close to a month now, though the smiles are more frequent and easier to come by now. And she has been giggling for maybe three weeks now. But she only laughs in her sleep. Usually it is just as she is drifting off in my arms. It's the most miraculous sound. I love it. She is giggling at her guardian angels who are telling her stories. She has always been a voracious eater. The rolls on her legs can testify to that. :) But they are adorable rolls. Her routine has stabilized over the past week or ten days. She eats four ounces every four hours. She has gotten down to one night time feeding. She'll eat around 11:00, then around 3:00 a.m. and then at 8:30. I can handle that! Noelle has also started to track objects. She loves the mobile above her swing. She has started responding to my voice.

Joci reading her sister a bedtime story. She is always so gentle and loving. 

 Also, since I am playing a bit of catch up, here are her 2 week statistics. She'll have another appointment at two months. 

Height: 20 inches
Weight: 7 lbs 5.5 oz
Head: 36 cm

I don't remember the percentiles, but nothing was extreme.

Noelle at two weeks

My sister Julie from Arizona whom we rarely see was on a rare vacation in this part of the country so we hurried and put together Noelle's blessing and sealing. We blessed her in church on Sunday, June 10th.

We were sealed in the Rexburg Temple on June 13, which is an important ordinance in the LDS/Mormon faith. It was an extremely spiritual and sacred experience. So special. My brother Brad could not make it due to work conflicts (and the very short notice I gave everyone). I missed him terribly. We were missing both of my brothers-in-law too. But considering the distance and schedules of my entire family, I think we had the highest family attendance we could have had. 

Rexburg Idaho Temple - so beautiful

Julie, Jordan, Justin, Cindy, Joci, Lara, Noelle, Normandie, Stephanie, and David

Pure joy!

Joci LOVES this dress. It was so hard to keep her out of it until our special day. 

With both of us dressed up, Joci kept saying we were both princesses. So true.

We had a family luncheon afterwards Pacific Island style. Roasted pig, coconut rice, teriyaki rice bowls, pineapple soda, tiki torches, key lime pie, and a chocolate fountain (not sure if that is authentic Pacific Island, but really, a chocolate fountain makes any party better). 

flowers in a coconut bowl for centerpieces

Island food catered by Rumbi Island Grill

Hang on to your plates or they will blow away - and you'll get a drink full of rice, right Jonah?

Ellie would have held Noelle all day

Chocoholism runs in this family. Ellie and Stephanie.

My island princess

Jessica loving her turn with the baby

Audrey doesn't mess around when it comes to the chocolate fountain!

Justin and I set up for the party the night before. But since this is Idaho, we got an uninvited guest - the wind. It blew our decorations away, blew our table cloth off, and blew the chocolate from the fountain all over the porch. We moved it inside. We all ate and hung out. Well, all of us except Noelle. Mostly, she just did this:

So that brings us up to speed on my darling Miss Noelle. I can't take her anywhere without strangers stopping me to talk about her. 


Mom on the Go said...

We still need to have you guys over, or we can come to you- whichever works best. Let me know!

Topsy said...

Love the update and all the pictures. Holy cow she's gorgeous. So happy for you!

Debra said...

My goodness she is so beautiful!

Liz Smith said...

i feel like i say the same thing in all my comments, but whatever, i'm going to keep saying it. She is so so beautiful. I'm so happy for your family. I love your temple photos! just love love love everything. congrats again!

kareydk said...

She's absolutely beautiful, and what a happy looking baby!

Michelle said...

What a blessing! So happy for your family.


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