Monday, July 16, 2012

More Arkansas Photos

Wow, it's taking  me a long time to get through my Arkansas photos. Here are some more. 

Our car. Did I mention that we wrecked it on the way to the airport to fly home? At the hotel, someone was parked behind us where they shouldn't have been and we backed into them. So Noelle has already been in her first car accident. 

Washington Regional Hospital where Noelle was born.

After placement.

First bath

We took a trip to War Eagle Caverns near Eureka Springs. The tour of the caverns was advertised as handicap accessible so we figured that meant stroller accessible too.

The water is so green because the river bed is lined with slate and stone instead of mud. 

Beginning the tour. There was one other couple with us. They were from Texas and the woman was terrified of bears. The guide had a lot of fun with that, being in a dark cave and all. When he found out we were from Idaho, he said that explained why we were so cool with the bear jokes - we are used to living near grizzly bears...the kind that actually eat people. 

A scene from the movie Frank and Jesse was filmed right here. They have left all the props in place. Jesse James actually used the War Eagle Caverns as a hideout, so that part of the movie is accurate. I haven't seen the film yet but feel like I should. 

We saw a lot of interesting things in the caves like a newt, a bat, and copper veins. Justin even saw a baby badger or raccoon or something. This is a picture of gold. 

As we were driving back to our hotel in Fayetteville after the caverns, we were admiring the beautiful scenery. Justin then asked, "Where are all these Ozark Mountains I keep hearing about?" 

"We have been touring them for days," I replied incredulously. "The train ride? The Civil War battlegrounds? The caverns? All in the Ozarks. Not only that, we've been in the Boston Mountains, which are the highest and most rugged part of the Ozarks."

Justin was dumbfounded. He knew that "eastern" mountains weren't like "western" mountains, but he still expected more. I suppose we are a little jaded since we can see the Grand Teton from the highway near our home and Justin grew up in the shadow of Yellowstone National Park.

View of Heart Mountain where Justin grew up. 

I suppose it would be nice if the rest of the world refrained from naming land masses "mountains" unless they break the tree line. 


Alicia said...

I agree with you. Mountain should indicate something with a bit more height. I've been through the Ozark hills and thought the same thing: they are not really mountains when you've seen the Tetons.

Anonymous said...

Lara - great pictures, but that is Heart Mountain. Glad you were able to see some great sights. Wished Joci and I could have been there... CZ

Liz Smith said...

haha!! i love it. i think it's funny that people claim to be able to "ski" in wisconsin. i mean really? lol. i love that you guys are mountain snobs. and i totally get it cuz i am a big beach snob. when you know the good stuff, it's hard to settle for anything less. i'll bet it's just gorgeous where you live. i love real mountains!

Lara said...

I knew it was either Heart or Cedar and Google wasn't very helpful (and Justin was asleep).

Liz - mountain snobs, eh? I like that. I suppose I am!


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