Monday, July 30, 2012

There Are Just...No Words....

Okay...maybe a few words. Ink pad. "Nap time."

The look on her face...she knows she is in a whole new level of trouble than she has ever been in before. We were so upset we didn't even yell. It was that disturbingly quiet kind of fury. We had the carpets cleaned last week. 

I remember saying, "Look - Tiana's black." And then cracking myself up when I realized what I said. :) 

Just for the record...maybe because it was Sunday, Joci's life was spared. :) She lived to roast marshmallows on the grill. She didn't like eating them but she liked roasting them.


Haylee said...

Oh, I know that quiet fury...the feeling in the room that you could cut through because you are so mad you can't even speak. Luckily, it's not extremely common, but it has definitely happened more than once.

Frederick Family said...

It doesn't even look like the same little Joci with a black nose and face. Glad she lived.

Liz Smith said...

LOL. wow. so not funny, but yet it is. she is lucky she is so dang cute. :)

MindySue said...

Oh goodness. I've been there. This had me laughing out loud. That picture is priceless.


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